5 Expert Brow Tips for 5 Different Types of Eyebrow

Do you need perfect looking eyebrows? If yes, then you must have to check the expert tips given by Brow Queen Shavata Singh. She has her nationwide brow studios and successful product line.She would guide you how to fix different types of eyebrow in an instant manner. Go and check out these expert brow tips now.

best eyebrow tips

1.Eye Brow Type: Sparse

If you have bare brows then can easily patch them up with precision pencil. According to Shavata ,”filling in brows will make them look fuller and defines your eye area.To apply, use soft, sweeping movements. I believe the best look is always the natural one, so in the long term, aim to grow brows to achieve a fuller appearance.”

2.Eye Brow Type: Wonky

If your brows don’t match with each other then you have to keep motto of Shavata “ brows are sisters not twins” in your mind. It is among the best expert brow tips.If there is no resemblance in your eyebrows then you have to visit a beauty salon where expert can reshape them. An expert is able to do some magic and to make your brows somewhat similar with the mean of brow-defining products such as pencils, pen or powder. It is not good to pick brow styling cream or products own your own because you are not an expert.

3.Eye Brow Type: Over-plucked

Shavata always warns her customers, she says, “Over-plucking and plucking above the brow should be avoided at all costs as hair doesn’t always grow back and you run the risk of permanently losing your most flattering shape.” You can tweez the clear stragglers in between your visit to a beauty salon. Give your hair a grow-back time of at least 8-13 weeks before you pluck them.

4.Eyebrow Type:Invisible brows

If you have invisible brow then it is good to color them. “Tinting brows is a great way to gain effortless stand out and definition without makeup” Shavata says. I think it is one of the best expert eyebrow tips.You need to be careful while picking brow color. There is no need to go for bright colors since they affect your soft facial look. A tint should be one or two tone darker shade than your normal hair color. The effect of tinting lasts upto 2-3 weeks.

5.Eyebrow Type: Wild

The girls who have thick eyebrow that are asymmetrical as well then the best way to deal with them is to use the brow gel. You can easily get the sleek brow look with natural hair density via this method.

Eyebrow grooming will not be hard for you now because you have complete idea of expert brow tips. Go and try them.


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