5 Exclusive Tree Theme Kids Room Ideas

Do your kid love to spend time close to nature? Does he likes tree? If yes, then certainly you need to consider tree them kids room ideas. These ideas give you a chance to just get tree theme on wall or completely transform your kid’s room into a tree style. You need to contact an interior designer who would be able to decorate the room by keeping his full focus on tree theme. Let’s start exploring 5 cool ideas that you can try at home.

1.Trees and Jungle Theme for Kids Room Idea

Kids like to go in the jungle but it’s indeed dangerous for them. Though you can’t go to Jungle with them but what you can do is to choose tree and jungle theme for your kid’ room. For this purpose, you need to contact with an interior designing company who can create a custom jungle theme for you. If you can’t afford to hire an interior designer then you should buy wallpaper that have animals and tree. Good thing is that you can easily get such wallpaper. Once you done with wallpaper then you need to some animal or bird wall paintings and wall hanging. Also get some stuffed toys of lion, zebra, monkey or other animals, so you can decor the room with these toys. Next thing to do is to change the simple curtain with green and yellow theme curtain. When it comes to room furniture of your kid, you need to prefer tables, book rack and other things in dark green color just to match with tree theme.

tree theme and jungle room for kids

2.Zoo and Tree Theme Kids Room Ideas

In order to get zoo or tree theme for your kids, you need to start the decor with the walls. There would be two options for you: hire an artist or opt for wallpaper. No doubt, second option is more affordable. Once you have decorate the walls, next step would be to get furniture. Simple wooden furniture works the best with this kind of theme. Buy some animal toys and wall paintings. Interestingly, these days you are able to buy animal printed bedding. Your kid may like to play with tiger bed sheet at night, so get such kind of printed bedding for your little sweetheart.

kids and zoo theme kids room

3. Standing Tree Theme Kids Room Ideas

It is one of the best tree theme kids room Ideas. However, if you are interested in this idea then you need to invest a lot. Contact an interior designing company and give them this project. It is simply impossible for you to copycat this idea own your own. If you hire professional they would be able to offer you same kids room look. There are many things that need professional attention such as standing tree, wooden made bed room, Wall decor, cupboard, etc. The best part of this design is wooden bed room and swing. In order to get this theme, you must have adequate space in your kid’s room. Good thing about this theme is that it separate the bed room from playing and study area. No doubt, it’s simply the best idea for your little kid room.

standing tree kids room ideastanding tree kids room idea

4.Big Tree Setting in kids Room

When you first look at this idea, you think it’s simply hard to get it. Fortunately, it’s not really complex. The main thing of this idea is big tree setting that will only be done by professionals. You need to hire interior home decor and designers. They would charge you some money but definitely give you a theme that you always wish to have for your kid. Once you have this big tree then other things won’t be difficult for you. Other thing such as lights, tree style bed, ladder, white furniture, etc are available in the market. There is only need to search and to locate the best things.

luxury tree theme room for kids5.Simple Tree Theme kids Room Ideas

In case you need simple yet cute tree theme for room then below you can find three ideas. First idea is to opt for lemon, orange and green shaded room for the kids. These trio colors are very soothing. Get tree theme wallpaper, change the roof decor, get yellow and green curtains, tree theme rug,etc. When it comes to furniture, you are able to get read-made green and orange shade kids bedroom furniture set. But you can also make an order of this specific color combination bed set. Use wallpaper on one wall and paint remaining wall with lemon shade paint.

kids tree theme room

In case you need simple yet colorful tree theme kids room idea then you can consider it. As you can see, interior designer used blue, green, yellow, and pink as the main colors. These colors are prominent in every item of room such as wall has green and pink tree, cupboard has yellow, green, pink and blue draws. What I like the most is the stools of yellow and blue color.

tree theme kids room idea

In order to get this idea, you need to visit a shop where you can easily get kids tree theme bedding,cushions, stools, wall hanging, bags and other things. As you can see, cupboard and bed is really simple but it is made unique with tree theme goods and items.

tree theme kids room ideaNow what are you waiting for? Go and try any of these tree theme kids room ideas now.Your kid would love to have such theme room.

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