5 Best Ideas of Glitter Eye Makeup for Brown eyes

Want to add sparkle into your eyes? I suggest you to explore 5 cool ideas of glitter eye makeup for brown eyes. You can try any of these ideas on upcoming special party. Whenever you have a plan to wear an expensive outfit on special event then you should compliment your looks with glittery eyes. Check 5 fascinating makeup ideas now.

Orange Glitter Eye Makeup for brown eyes
Orange Glitter Eye Makeup for brown eyes

1.Electric blue Eye makeup

It is a fact that girls with brown eyes usually stick with cooper and pink. But it is time to think beyond box and pick electric blue eye-shadow. This eyeshadow would surely make your eyes pop in an instant manner. All you need to spread it smoothly on upper and lower eyelid. Though simple shades look great but if you have pro skills then you can add mascara and eyeliner to this glitter makeup for brown eyes.

blue glitter eye makeup brown eyes


2.Natural Pink Eye Makeup

If you need semi-formal makeup style then you should pick pink glitter. Always choose an eyeshadow which has soft blended glittery pigments You need to take a pinch of shade with brush and then spread it on your eyes. It’s good to define crease with extra dose of shade. Line your lower lid with a light touch of pink glitter eye shade as well.Give beautiful final touch to this glossy makeup with black eyeliner and mascara.

Soft pink silver glittery eye makeup
Soft pink silver glittery eye makeup

pink eye makeup brown eyes

3.Brown Glittery eyes

Brown makeup on brown eyes seems like a monotone idea but if you choose right shades then it is indeed a mind blowing makeup idea to try. Pick two tone darker shade for upper eyelid and define crease with one tone lighter brown shade than your real eye color. You need to use golden glitter for giving a charming touch to your eyes.

brown eye makeup brown eyes

4.Shimmering Taupe Eye Makeup

When you want to grab smooth eye makeup then you should prefer taupe with silver glitter. You can use matte taupe as the main shade and use separate silver glitter for adding sparkling touch to your makeup; though you are able to find silver glittery taupe eyeshadow easily in market. Define lower eyelid with soft black eyeshadow. Use black eyeliner to define your eyes.Winged style eyeliner looks great with this kind of eye makeup.

taupe brown eye makeup

5.Golden Black Eye Makeup

Whenever you are going to wear golden outfit, you need to try this makeup. First of all, Apply golden light shade as the base. Define eye-crease with black and above crease with cooper eyeshadow.Use golden glitter for adding charm to this makeup. You need to define inner-V area with this golden glitter, use a fine eye brush. Create thick winged style eyeliner just to draw out beauty of your eyes.

Golden black eye makeup for dark brown eyes
Golden black glitter eye makeup for dark brown eyes

I have shared 5 cool ideas of glitter eye makeup for brown eyes. I’m sure you would like to try any of these ideas at home. Whenever you try an idea, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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