5 Basic Makeup tips for Beginners

If you are a person who consider makeup as an overwhelming task and like to go without it then it’s time to change yourself. Makeup enhances your beauty and style. You must know some basic makeup tricks with which you can make your look beautiful. Today, I’m going to share some makeup tips for beginner.

1.Make your Face Look Clear

Before you apply any kind of makeup, you need to even out your skin. If you have blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation and other issues then it is good to deal with them first. The best way to make your face look clear is to use liquid foundation. Some girls avoid foundations because they think they would get mask like appearance. You should get a foundation which tone is lighter than your skin tone and blend it smoothly with fingers or sponge. Once you done with basic base, next step is to use loose powder a little bit.

apply face foundation

2.Make your Cheeks Glowing

Your cheeks should look healthy and glowing all the time. For this purpose, you need to use rose color or light color blush on and apply it on apples of your cheeks. The best placement for blush-on is to keep blush on your nose and then apply it by keeping 2-fingers width distance between nose and cheeks.

glowing cheeks

3.Do Brows Grooming

It is very important step. You need to use brow gel to define beauty and shape of your face and also to keep brow hair at its place. Once you apply gel, you need to use eye mascara brush to brush brow hair.

brow shape and groom

4.Apply Simple Light Eyeshadow

When you are going to apply eyeshadow very first time then you don’t need to get confuse like what colors to choose, what brush to use, what combo to make,etc. All you need to pick a light eyeshadow color and apply it directly with your fingers, even blend it with fingers from lashline to crease. Use a simple eyeshadow brush to clean edges of your shade. Apply light strokes of mascara for feathery eye look.

apply eyeshadow with fingers

5.Pick a Cute Lip Color

As you are going to do makeup first time then you need to pick a simple lip color for making the most from your lips. No need to use lip gloss. It is good to complete your makeup looks with a good lipstick. You can choose any color but avoid dark at the moment. Again, you don’t need to get confused about lip liner , lip brush or other things.

lipstick tips

Now it’s time to see yourself in the mirror and get surprised as you have finally done subtle makeup own your own. I’m sure when you follow these 5 basic makeup tips for beginners then you would be able to get perfect look.

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