5 Basic Eye Makeup Tips That Every Girl Must Follow

No matter you have blue eyes, hazel eyes, black eyes or any other colored eyes, you must have an idea how to enhance the look of your eyes. You explore a lot of eye makeup ideas on web. You wish you could imitate the same smoky eyes as a model has. You are not alone who want to copycat celebrities or model eye makeup look. There are so many other girls who think the same way. No doubt, makeup artists do the makeup of celebrities and models in a way that they can stand out from the crowd. Every girl can not do makeup course but what she can do is to follow some basic eye makeup tips, which I’m going to provide you.
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Why you need to follow Basic Eye Makeup Tips for Eyes?

A girl who doesn’t know how to do the basic eye makeup thing won’t be able to try makeup art and some fascinating eye makeup. She must have good idea of basic eye makeup things before she proceed further. Following basic Eye makeup tips is a first step of a ladder that takes you toward the well-defined eye makeup. These basic tips guide every girl how to apply eyeshadow, how to apply eyeliner and eye mascara.

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Basic Makeup Eye Tip No.1 :Prepare your Eyes for Makeup

The first step that you always need to follow, no matter what kind of makeup you are going to do is to prep your eyes. First of all,you need to conceal your dark circles under eyes. Use concealer for this purpose. Apply the concealer under the eye where usually the circles are darkest and then you can proceed to outer eyes. You need to apply concealer with your fingertips, though you can also use a sponge for good finish. Try to pat the concealer under eyes instead of rubbing it since this area of eye is quite sensitive. Apply a light base on your eyelid so that makeup stays in its place. Some girls start makeup without applying eye base, so they won’t get nice eye makeup finish.

apply concealer on eye dark circles

Eye Makeup Tip No. 2 :How to Choose Eye Shadow

Many girls get confuse how to choose an eyeshadow for them since there are thousands of eye shade colors to choose from. Normally, light shade can be used for getting natural makeup look. In case you want to get a dramatic effect then you can opt for dark shades. You need to select a shade that perfectly compliments your eye color.

The best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Girls: : There are different shades of blue eyes and therefore girls need to pick a shade that perfectly compliment their eye color shade. In case you have light blue colored eyes then you shouldn’t overpower your eyes with dark shades. Always pick light shades such as Lavender, pearly light, etc. Girls who have dark blue eyes can accented them with deep purple or dark grey shade.Sheer gold and peach shade compliment medium blue eyed girls. In order to get eye-catching look at day, girls can enhance any blue color eyes with shimmering pearl peach or a shadow with golden hues

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The shades compliment Blue eyes: Pink, Taupe’s camel, violets, dark browns, violet, silver grey, light grey.

The best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyed girls: Girls who have dark brown eyes shouldn’t overpower them. Use dark shades but apply them correctly. Medium brown color eyes can bring out via green or mauve shades application. Use shimmery light shades for enhancing the look of light brown eyes; use pale yellow shade for getting a dramatic look.

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The Shades Compliment brown eyes: Plum, blue-grey, violet, nutmeg, vanilla, gold, cooper, bronze, peach

The best Eyeshadow for Green Eyed Girls:It is a fact that if you use red based eyeshadow for green colored eyes then you can add definition to the eyes. Purple and lilac color will simply make the eyes wonderful. Try to apply dark colors on eyelid and lighter shade for brow area.You can make them pop, if you use a plum eyeliner.

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The Shade compliment green eyes:plums, dark green,brown, lilac. Don’t use white, silver, blue pinks.

Eye Makeup tip No. 3 How to Apply Eye Shadow?

You can defined your eyes beautifully, if you pick three toned eye shadows. First you need to apply light color shade and spread it across your eyelid to the brow bone with the mean of an applicator. Now pick medium tone shade and sweep it across your eyelid. Blend your eyeshadow with dark tone eye shadow in the crease. Whenever you are going to choose an eye-shadow, you don’t only have to consider your eye color but also your shape of your eyes. Eye Makeup for wider set eyes is usually different from close set eyes.

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Eye Makeup Tips for Close Set Eyes

You main purpose is to wide close set eyes apart. For this purpose you need to complete focus on the outer corners of your eyes. That’s mean you need to apply eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow more on outer color of the eyes. In this way, you would be able to get the wide eye look.

Eye Makeup tips for wider set eyes

Your main focus on the inner part of the eyes. You should apply dark shade on the inner part while apply light eye shadow on the outer corners. Apply a thin line of eye liner on both top and upper part of eyes.

Eye Makeup Tip No. 4 Choosing and Applying Eyeliner

Before I tell you how to apply eyeliner, you must have an idea how to choose an eyeliner color depending on your eye color.

The Best eyeliner colors for brown eyes: pink, gold, brown, or plum shade eyeliner always make the brown eyes pop. Don’t use black eyeliner since it doesn’t compliment brown eyes and seems too heavy to apply for.

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The Best eyeliner colors for blue eyes: Always use dark shade eyeliner for blue eyes. If you pick a light shade eyeliner, it will surely fade the eyes instead of enhancing it. Best colors are black, brown, charcoal, dark green, dark blue,etc.

 color eyeliner for blue eyed girlsblue eyeliner for blue eyesgolden eyeliner for blue eyes

The best Eyeliner colors for Green Eyes: The most suitable eyeliner color for green eye makeup are brown, plum and bronze. Girls with green eyes should avoid black eyeliner.

mauve eyeliner for green eyes gold and black eyeliner for green eyes

How to Apply Eyeliner?

Whenever you are going to apply eyeliner, you need to remain close to upper eyelid as much as possible from the inner to outer corner of eyes. Normally, girls make straight eyeliner that doesn’t look outstanding. Apply eyeliner and smudge it carefully with a q-tip or an applicator. In order to get smokey eyes effect, you can apply a dark eyeshadow over the line of eyeliner. In case you want to add a dramatic effect to your eyes then you can apply a highlight. For example, pick a brown or gold highlighter and make a V-shape from inner to outer corner of your eyes.

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Eye Makeup Tip No.5 How to Apply Eye Mascara?

Before you apply mascara, I suggest you to use an eyelash curler for curling the eye lashes. It is an optional thing that you can skip. But if you do this then you would get beautiful eyes look. Shake your eye mascara well before using it. Now pick eye mascara brush and wiggle it back and forth on eyelashes. Your main purpose is to cover complete eyelashes and also to get a fuller effect. In case you want to choose colored eye mascara for eyes then you can get same colors that I mentioned for eyeliner.

purple mascara for brown eyescolor mascara for green eyes blue eyemascara for green eyes purple mascara for brown eyes

You have to follow all of these five eye makeup tips, if you want to attain gorgeous eyes look.


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