4 Must have Shades in Lipstick Wardrobe of Blonde girls

Blonde girls who are planning to add some new shades into their lipstick wardrobe must pay some attention to 4 must have shades.These shades look great on almost every blonde girl and it make their lips simply beautiful, radiant and eye-catching. Let’s get an idea of them.

Smashing Pink Lipsticks

Pink is a color that suits to almost every blonde girl, doesn’t matter what her face tone is. There are many different shades of pink, you should opt for light to dark shades. Always try to pick a color that looks fresh, soothing and brilliant.

fuchsia blond girls lipstick wardrobe

fuchsia lipstick blond girls Fuchsia lipstick for blond girlsfresh pink lipstick

Brown Rock Lipstick

Another color that a blonde girl must have in her lipstick wardrobe is brown. Again there are tons of brown shades. Your task is to go for dark brown shades since they can change your look to a great extent. Copper brown shade should be avoided as it blends your own hair color and doesn’t make the big different. Try metal dark brown shades as they draw out beauty of your lips.

dark brown lipstick blonde girls brown lipstick for blond girlsbrown lipstick blond girls

Spring Orange Lipstick

Orange is the best color for spring but it doesn’t mean you can’t try it in other seasons. Peach orange seems to a be a great shade for your lipstick wardrobe but you need to go for very fresh and real orange shade. You want to get fresh look that can only be possible with fresh colors.

orange lipstick ideasmatte orange lipstickglossy orange lipstickorange lipstick wardrobe

Fascinating Purple Lipstick

This is an unusual lipstick shade for blonde girls but it can surely make your look simply fabulous. Don’t opt for very dark shades of purple, you need to opt for light purple shade.

pink fresh lipstick blond girls

Blond girls can easily grab attention toward their face, if they choose right lipstick shade. So, it’s suggested to browse these 4 shades and then to add the best shade into your own lipstick wardrobe.

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