4 Most Demanding Hairstyles for Long hair

Long hairstyles are the most popular among ladies but we need a lot of styling for them. There are many ways and looks that you can make with long hair. Every day ladies watch new advertisements on TV or surf internet to get the help and go through tutorials related to the treatment of their hairstyles, to make them look healthy and nourished or how to style them up. Today, I’m here to give every girl a chance to style her long hair into 4 different yet chic ways.

long straight hair ideas

1. Silky Straight hairstyles for Long hair

With the Long straight hairstyles, a woman has the advantage to adjust it according to the events and occasions that she is going to attend. They can be turned into short hairstyle as well as with proper styling can look as beautiful as the long hair. There are many styles available for long length hair, you can curls them up into beautiful weave and give natural look, make a ponytail of it and get going, make beautiful backcombed hairstyles to give yourself an eastern look.

long hair and fringe sleek long straight hairstyles sleek long straight hair

2.Flirty Curly Hairstyles for Long hair

Long Curly hairstyles can be simple as well as irritating at times, if you are making any simple style with your hair then it may not take much time but going for something complex can put you in problem. The rule of thumb is to make sure that you are well aware of the hairstyle that you are going to wear and only then you can achieve the perfection.

curly hairstyle for long hair curly hairstyle for long hair The girls have different curly hairstyles options to choose from. Some girls can opt for loose curly hair while others can give a try to tight curls. Even you are able to get wavy style curls. You can get a layered haircut and then curl your hair just to get a bouncy hair look.

stylish long curly hair long tight curly hairstyles Tight curls look great but if you need a little casual look then you can surely give a try to loose curly hairstyle. Loose curls seems good and stylish all the time. In addition, they are  easy to create.

long loose curly hair

3.Compact Braid hairstyles for Long hair
Talking about the different styles for medium hair, go for a high braid tied up on your head, or curls being made on your head with proper pins and hair bands. There are tons of braids that you can try on your long hair. However, the braids that look wonderful are fishtail, waterfall, lace, French braid and three strand braids. You can make braid in the front section of hair while leaving the back-end portion of the hair. On the other hand, you can opt for braided ponytail long hairstyles.

long simple three strand braid hairstyle loose french hairstyle braid hairstyle for long hair braid hairstyle for long hair

4.Formal and Casual Updo hairstyles for Long hair

The updo are usually done so that you don’t feel hot in summers as the hair that are usually open fall on your shoulders irritates you at times so go for new styling in updo’s as they will give you a new look and will keep cool in summers. Also, High school girls can try updo styles when going schools to give them cool and trendy look and they can be easily carried on without any hassle of any specific style to follow.

braid updo for long hair donut hair bun of long hair curly updo for long hair

These are four best and common ways of styling your long hair. Though these hairstyles are common but always enhance your beauty and appearance to a great extent. You are free to try any of these four hairstyles for long hair whenever you want.






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