3 Famous Japanese Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Whenever you look into Japanese tattoo art history, you will find three common design such as cheery blossom, tiger and dragon. In case you are interested in these designs then you first need to know what the meanings of these symbols in Japan culture are. So, let’s check ideas and meanings of popular Japanese tattoo designs.

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Japanese dragon tattoo designs

Japanese dragon has a long story behind it. Ryujin was a Japanese dragon king who live in his palace under the sea. He loved his wife and daughter so much that he had spoiled them. He usually sent sea creatures such as octopus, jelly fish,etc to bring odd things. One day, daughter of Ryujin named Otohime wanted to dine on monkey. She sent a handsome and strong bone Jellyfish to retrieve liver. Jellyfish got liver but it was outwitted by monkey. In rage, dragon king beat jelly fish to a pulp, it is a shape that you normally see these days.

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Dragons are mystical creatures with magical powers. The meanings of Japanese dragon tattoos are wisdom, strength, force for good, wind or water. Normally, dragons in the west have destructive forces but they also considered guardians. In Japan or east, dragons are considered generous, benevolent forces that use their mystical powers to do good for others. Positive meanings of Dragon Japanese tattoo designs make them quite popular among people.

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Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Another popular tattoo in Japan is tiger. The meanings of tiger tattoo are strength, courage, and protector against bad luck, evil spirits, and disease, wind. Actually, Japanese tiger tattoo means is completely based on real animal traits such as power and strength. It is believed in east that tiger tattoo has strng power to deal with evil spirits, bad luck and disease. It is a symbol of North and autumn. Peple said that tigers have a power to control the wind since they are one of four sacred animals.

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Japanese Cherry blossom tattoo designs

In Japan, cherry blossom tattoo designs are a metaphor of life. A short beautiful bloom usually followed by unavoidable fall, it is all what cherry blossom is. It symbolizes sexulity and female beauty.It has been a common symbol of traditional Japanese woodblock art from many centuries. People who take inspiration from such art often opt for cherry blossom Japanese tattoo designs.

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Interestingly, Bushido, the samurai’s code, takes the cherry blossom as its emblem. The blooming of cherry blossom tree is a pure representation of beauty but this beauty fades quickly. Warrior knows that they have to fight and die one day. The best motto of a samurai is “This is good day to die”.According to Bushido or the way of Warrior, it is a fact that Samurai lives everyday knowing it may be his last. These Japanese tattoo designs also give us a message that we must live our present day in the best manner. We should enjoy every moment of it. No one knows what will happen in future, so make your present wonderful.

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These three Japanese tattoo designs have amazing meanings, indeed. Would you like to try any design?

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