3 Different types of Medium bob hairstyles to Try in 2015

Do you want to enhance your facial beauty to a great extent? It is advisable to go for medium bob hairstyles.This seems to be a great idea for girls who are not ready to cut their hair very short. It’s time to grab an idea of different types of medium length haircuts.

Slighty curly medium bob hairstyles
Slighty curly medium bob hairstyles

1.Go bold and beautiful in 2015

In case you can pull any hair look then you would love to go for bold haircut. This kind of hairstyle is quite different from usual haircut. Hair length is kept medium but there is always some blunt edges. Some girls love to opt for rough bob hairstyles. These days, hairstylists love to use scissors or razors for making some chic edges of hair.

medium bob style
Medium layered bob haircut

simple bob hairstyles medium bob hairstyles stylish medium bob hairstyles

2.Sleek Straight hairstyle 

This kind of hairstyling seems really great for professional women. Interestingly, this style is easy to set and does not require constant attention and maintenance from the wearer. Any girl can get it. Medium length bob is usually named as lob and it is good to know that it is among the most favorite hairstyle of celebrities. A-list model and celebrities love to appear with sleek bob hairstyles on red carpet and award ceremonies.

medium bob hairstyles medium bob haircuts

best bob cut
Medium bob hairstyles with highlights

bold bob hairstyles

3.Colored Bob hairstyle

Are you ready to add some color into your hair in 2015? You must go for some really bold color this year such as violet, red berry, burgundy, strawberry pink and many more. Blue and red bob hairstyle seems to be the best colors in 2015. Another good idea to try is to have some highlights in your medium hairstyle. There is no need to paint full head with a bright color when a few bold highlights can instantly change your appearance and beauty.

orange medium bob hairstyle girls purple bob hairstyles

green medium bob hairstyles
Green medium bob hairstyles with fringe

best color hairstyles bob

No need to wait anymore. Must try these smashing new medium bob hairstyles in 2015.


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