3 Chic and Trendy Ways to Style a Windswept updo

Windswept updo is among the latest hairstyle trends of 2015. So, it is good for you to know how to style this updo into three different ways. These methods of updo hairstyling are inspired directly from Tom Ford, Rochas and Michael Kors. That’s mean you are going to explore hot Windswept updos. Let’s start this discovery without any further delay.

tom ford hair updos

1.Make Twisted Windswept updo

Girls who like super casual hairstyling love to opt for this particular hairstyle since it is very easy to set and doesn’t want to you to get some texture with hair styling products. You just need to shampoo your hair and then use a blow-dryer. Some girls are very expert that they create twisted messy hair updo without using a comb. However, if you don’t have good experience then you can surely make a twisted windswept hair updo with the help of a comb or brush. This particular hairstyle idea comes from Rochas.

rochas hair updostwisted hair updorochas hir updos windswept hair updos

2.Uncomplicated French Twist updo

Another cool idea of making trendy windswept updo is given by a model at Tom Ford. You need to push off front hair locks while rolling back hair into a messy French twist hair updo. You must have to use a hair comb for keeping your front locks away from your forehead, though you can roll back hair into a French twist updo without removing any hair tangle.

tom ford hair updo 2014wiondswept hair updos michael kors hair updotom ford hair updo

3.Loose front tangles with messy updo

Do you need really simple yet amazing kind of windswept updo? I think it is good for you to start following model hairstyles at Michael Kors. The hairstylist didn’t like to give a sleek finish to updo. Model front hair strands were moving freely around her face, making an eye-catching face frame. Hair tied into a messy and loose hair updo from the back.

windswept hair updos trendy hair updomichael kors hair updos

michael kors hair updo2015 hair updos

Now you have complete idea how to style your windswept hair updo in three different ways. Every method is really simple yet offers chic look. These updos are perfect styling option for casual events. Girls would like to try them at their friend get together, of course.



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