2014 Circle Tattoo Designs and Symbols

There are numerous meanings attached to a circle/circular figure or drawing and some of these are easy to contemplate such as wholeness, completion, unity, cycles, perfection without flaws, centering, focus point, infinity, and fullness. A circle, complete one, presents the infinite nature of energy and the wholesomeness of the universe. Before we check out some 2014 circle tattoo designs, we should read the symbols and historical meanings to learn what good or bad they can do.

It’s no surprise to see that in ancient times circles were considered to be presenting time-cycle or a simple cycle because this was revealed that the earth revolves around the sun to complete a cycle.


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In Alchemical Mathematics, the circle is a focus point which will enhance any art done within its boundaries. If the fire is set within a circle its contoured boundaries will make the flames noticeable.

Simple meanings that we can derive from any circle designs tattoos 2014 are as follows: Circle of life, energy and evolution. Since the shape also symbolizes womb and man, it has something to with the evolution of human beings. The shape does hold spiritual connotations for several reasons; one,the prominent one is, the shape of moon and sun which are natural energies of the earth.


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The circle also embodies some sort of spiritual energy to speak of, this is why it was used in Native Medicine wheels for the treatment of spiritual ailments. Circular totems had always been a protective symbols to the Celtic because they believed that nothing could be able to harm them if they would cross a circular boundary around themselves to stop enemies or evil apparitions from trespassing unnecessarily. Circles were also Celtic symbols of the cosmos, symbolizing an undefined/unpredictable procession of time cycle.

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The Chinese had some meanings driven from the combination of a square and a circle figure, in the artwork, a square inside a circle would represent unity of earth and heaven. If seen as Geometric archetype of the psyche, the circle designed tattoo when combined with a square will build a relationship between body and human psyche, completing the cycle.

Talking of 2014 circle designed tattoo, one thing is sure any quote or message written inside the shape will hold the attention of viewers. In other words, anything within the boundaries of a circle draws in attention.

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2014 Circle Tattoo Designs and Symbols

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