20 Soft Pink Room Ideas for Teen Girls

Looking for cool room ideas for your little sweetheart? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here you would be able to explore 20 cool pink room ideas for teen girls. Actually, pink is a specific color for teenage girls. Normally, all parents choose pink room theme since it looks very appealing and attractive. Moreover, pink is a color associated with baby girls and teen girls. There are indeed tons of room decor options with this specific color but you need to choose one that meets perfectly with your little girl’s routine activities and lifestyle. Let’s start exploring 20 wonderful teen room ideas.

pink hello kitty room theme for girls1. Pink Car Bed Room Idea for Little Girls

Little girls always want to see something unique and unusual in their bed room. So, you can make an order of pink car bed and then design her complete room in a stylish way. As shown in the image, you can opt for the pink girly wardrobe and when it comes to the wall design then you can pick colorful flower wall paper.

pink car room idea for girl

2.Hello Kitty Room Theme

Hello Kitty is a well-known Japanese character of a cat that came into existence in 1974. This cat has a big mouth with a red bow on head and she doesn’t has mouth. She said that God didn’t give her mouth because she communicates with people via her heart. This character became quite popular in 1980 among teen girls. Though it is a Japanese character but  more than fifty thousands products with Hello Kitty label has sold in more than 600 countries. This character is quite popular, so parents like to design their cute little girl’s bed room with Hello Kitty theme.

hello kitty room theme for girlhello kitty pink room theme3.Pink and Grey Room Idea for Teen Girls

In case you little sweetheart like grey color then you can also add this color into pink theme room. Below you can find a good idea. You need to pain the wall with shocking pink and light pink color while you are able to get grey bedroom cum wardrobe from an online kids room decor store. These days, furniture manufacture design a bed that has attached wardrobe and book shelf in a wide variety of colors. You can place an order of such bed or opt for a customized order.

teengirls pink and grey room theme4. Pink Flower Theme Room Ideas for Teen

It is indeed easy to get a flower theme for your little sweetheart. Actually, it won’t be hard for you to get flower theme bed, shelves, side tables, stools, and other furniture. Interestingly, you would be able to pick one flower wallpaper from tons of available theme. Even it won’t be difficult for you to get a flower style rug and cushions.

pink flowery theme for room5. Ballerina Girly Room Theme for Little Girls

In case your teenage girl takes good interest in ballerina dance or other kinds of dance then surely you can pick this theme for her room. You need to contact a painting artist who will create ballerina dancer sketch on the wall.

teen girls pink girly theme6.Pink and Soft Blue Room Ideas for Teen Girls

Do you need the best color combination for your sweetheart’s room?It is suggested to give a try to soft-blue and pink color combination. Good thing about this combination is that you would be able to find both color furniture, rugs, carpet, curtain and other things very easily. You won’t need to dig down in the market.

pink and soft blue room theme for teen7. Pink Sweet-Home Theme for Little Girl Bedroom

These days, you are able to locate ready-made sweet-home bed for teen girls’ room. You can turn the bedroom of your sweet daughter into a sweet home, if you opt for this specific kind of bed. Usually, this bed has an attached cup board or other furniture items. There is only a need to search the web and local market.

pink room home theme8.Pink, Red and White Bed Room Ideas for Teen

This is indeed one of the simplest teen room ideas. You can give it a try, if you girl like simple and easy things in her life. It is a fact that some girls mind to have complex thing in their bed room. So, in such case this room decor idea will work.

pink and red room theme9. Pink Family Color Theme for Room

Instead of focusing on one tone of pink color, parents are able to try different tones of pink family color such as shocking pink, light pink, dark pink, etc. The most terrific combination is soft pink with shocking pink, below you can check an example of this room idea.

dark and light pink room theme 10.Pink Princess Castle Room Theme for Little Girl

If your teen girls is a big fan of princess related cartoon and movie then definitely she would like to stay in a bedroom that has princess castle theme. You don’t need to place a customize order of such theme because you can get Princess Castle Bed room easily from the market.

pink pricess castle room theme11.Soft Pink Room Theme Decor for Teen Girl

Don’t need any color combination? You can surely maintain your full focus on soft-pink color theme for your little girl. Buy soft pink cushions, bed, tables, curtains, rug,etc. Paint each room wall with soft pink color, you can also fix pink theme wallpaper from the market.soft pink room for teengirls12.Pink and Blue Room Decor ideas for Little Girl

Paint the wall of your little sweetheart with ocean blue shade and then contact a person who has good skill of wall graphy and painting. In the image, you can see a big flowery tree but you can ask your little girl about her favorite thing and character. She might have a better idea of wall graphics. Get white single bed for sweetheart and adore it with pink mattress and cushion.

pink and blue room theme for teens13. Pink Barbie Style Room Idea

If you have two little girls who love to play with barbies then no doubt you need to search for barbie style furniture. You don’t need to search a lot because many manufacturers give you a chance to get not only barbie bunk bed but also matching barbie cupboard and dr

pink bunk bed doll theme14.Pink Tree Room theme Idea for Teen

This idea is quite attractive for those parents who haven’t enough space for little girl’s bed room. They can paint side wall in pink color and then opt for tree wall graphics. They need to buy pink cushions, bed, side table and stool. After that it won’t be hard to decorate a small room with an amazing way.

green tree and pink room theme for girl15. Colorful Pink heart and Flower Theme Room for Teen

If you look at this idea then you understand quickly that the total grace of this design depends on colorful pink curtains. You need to get curtains that have flower and heart pattern over it. Once you have such special kind of curtain, you can do rest of setting within a day.

little heart and flower pink room theme for teen girls16.Pink Luxury Room Theme for Teen Girls

In case you are able to spend handsome amount of money on kids room decor then surely you need to opt for this special kind of pink luxury room theme idea for teen. You don’t only have to spend money on furniture, curtain, wall paint but also on expensive pink Chantelle lighting.

pink luixury room theme for girl17. Pink Doll Room Theme

If your little sweetheart love to play with dolls then you can surely give a try to doll house theme. This house theme normally includes white and pink color furniture, that is widely available in the market.

pink doll house type for girls18. Pink and Mauve Room Ideas for Teen Girls

It is indeed a great color combination that looks fascinating all the time. Mauve is a favorite color of many little girls, so if your girl also likes this color the most then you can opt for this wonderful teen room ideas. Generally, you need to make a custom order for getting pink and mauve combination furniture.

pink and mauve room ideas for teen

19. Pink and White Room Theme Idea for Teen Girl

Pink looks simply graceful with white, so go and get this specific room theme for your sweetheart. Good thing about this combination theme is that you can copycat it effortlessly since furniture manufacturer usually designs bed, tables, stools,cupboard and other items in either pink or white color; even you can get a bed with white and pink combination.

shocking pink and soft pink room theme20.Pink Bed in Cupboard Room Ideas for Teen Girls

Last but not the least, if you want to style your little girl in a quick way then you need to buy pink bed in cupboard, this particular furniture item is widely available online and in brick-and-mortar store. Go and get it. Once you have it then you need to do a little work of wall painting and carpeting.

bunk bed pink room

So, what are you waiting for? Check all 20 pink room ideas for teen girls closely and pick one idea that matches with your taste and your little girl’s personality, activities, interest and lifestyle.




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