20 Modern Living Room Ideas

Want to create modern living room? I gathered some cool design and décor ideas for you. I’ll give you a chance to modernize your living room interior in a fantastic way. Living room is the main area of your home. People spend most of time in this area and therefore, you should try to make it as comfortable as you can. You need to put your heart and soul in designing living room. It’s always good for you to match the layout and design of your living with the rest of rooms in your home.

modern living room settings

What a Living Room must have?

Your living room usually use for multiple purpose such as it could be a place where you can watch TV, play games, spend time with time, entertain guests or get relaxed. No matter what is the main purpose of using the room, you must have some main items in it. The first important thing is sofa set, you can pick single or sectional sofas depending on your family member’s choice. Another thing that you always need is a coffee table. Try to match the design of table with the sofa and it’s better to buy sofa along with coffee table. You can also give a try to focal point , these days you have tons of focal point options and ideas to try. Third important thing is fireplace or entertainment center though you can use both as well, if you have adequate space in the room.

floral blue living room ideas

Get Inspiration from 20 Exclusive Modern Living Room Ideas

I’m here to present a fine collection of 20 living room ideas. You can see wonderful designs, graphical prints, fabulous colors, random texture and unique designs elements in these ideas. So, let’s start exploring this collection now.

1.Why not graceful Almond?

In case you want to design a living room where you can go and get some relaxation then definitely this soothing experience could be achieved through light theme. Almond seems to be the best option. When you have such theme in your room then whenever you take an entry into this living space, you will feel comfort.

almond living room theme

2. Fantastic Choco for Ultimate Beauty

Need a little classy interior design for living room? No doubt, brick style walls with chocolate shade sofas and polka dot rug is what work for you. Since you get extra dark theme for furniture, so try light and soothing colors for wall paintings, lamps, and other room accessories.

living room chocolate theme

3.Red and white Contemporary living Space

It is indeed one of the best and modern living room ideas that you would love to try. You need to grab chic white sectional sofa and then to get black and red pillows and cushions for it. Get big lamps with red toppings. The best part of this theme is black glass tiles that would reflect every things you set our it. Reflection of red lamps,white sofa and black tables looks simply fabulous.

red, white and black living room theme


4.Modern White Living room

Whenever you are going to choose white theme for your modern living room, you must add some other colors into the theme; otherwise you will get hospital look, not really good. As you can see, interior designer added peachy orange wall graphics along with platinum wall decor just to avoid monochromatic look.

white modern living room ideas

5.Stylish Black Theme

If you need to design your living room in a trendy way then you should consider black modern theme for living room. You need to grab black home entertainment system, cupboard, sectional sofa. In order to avoid the complete dark effect, you can try peach brown shade and white curtains for the windows. Also change the rug and carpet shade. Since you are already choosing dark black for main big items of room, so it’s better to choose light for wall and floor decor.

moderl black living room 6.Combine Blue with White

Don’t want to get sectional sofa set? Need something really unique? The best thing to combine blue couch with white button padded back chairs. White button padded chairs look simply beautiful, no matter where you set them. When you have set the chairs and sofa, next thing to do is to get the blue and white rug. No need to blindly follow the theme, just get what you can easily buy.

blue and white sofa and chairs

7.Zinc Hues in White Living Room

If you have off-white sectional sofa but you want to add some more color into the theme of your modern living room, then you should give your best try to zinc shade. Try zinc border curtains and buy sofa pillows in plain or printed zinc designs. Change your carpet a little bit and opt for sky blue and white .In this way, you can balanced extra white living room space.

zinc and white living room ideas

8.Little Trendy Touch of Yellow

This is a wonderful and fashionable idea for decorating your living room. Your task is to set yellow button padded room separator at the back of your white triple seat sofa and also to get yellow printed or plain pillows for the sofa. Now you can add a sharp look into your soothe room design by getting yellow button padded single seat leather sofa. Don’t forget to get classy yellow and brown coffee table just to balance the whole dramatic effect.

yekllow and white living room ideas9.Add a little Mauve into White

No doubt, white living room theme looks super classy but you don’t need to opt for single color theme for this space. White looks simply wonderful with mauve so, add this color where you can in the theme. As you can see in the image, paint the main wall with mauve shade. Get plain mauve carpet, apply a little mauve on mauve. Change the white table of home entertainment system with mauve. Try blue mauve lighting.

mauve and white living room ideas10.Try Classic Black and White

In case you are a passionate book lover then this particular idea would be suitable for you. Instead of getting a separate library, you can settle it in your living room in the smart way.  Black and white is considered as one of the modern living room ideas. Usually, the price of black sectional and other sofas is more than other colors just because of high demand of this particular color.

black and white living room ideas11.Chic Coffee Living Space

This is indeed a perfect classy living room idea that people would like to try. Instead of getting usual black or white sofa, you can opt for fantastic coffee shade satin sofa. Instead of overpowering coffee shade in the whole room, you should get some other colors such as red, white and black.

coffee sectional sofas for living room12.Think about Greyish Blue and Bronze

It is unique yet nice living room decoration idea that you can try. You can set your dining set next to sofa set, if you have sufficient space in the room. Your main task is to match the theme as much as you can. Ocean blue color always looks terrific and if you get sofa of this color then you can aesthetically adore this room. The best part of this design is ocean wall graphics that are made prominent through silver lights.

grey blue sectional sofa 13.Blue and White Contrast Modern Living Room idea

This modern living room idea is good for those people who doesn’t have adequate space. One side of room can be decorate with dark blue sectional sofa while get blue button padded royal style chair for another side. Hang plain dark blue curtains on white windows. Instead of hanging the blue white paintings, you can keep them with walls or sofa. Get printed blue white pillows and rug.

blue modern living room14.Chocolate Brown with a Bit white Touch

Need something really superb design for the living room? Go and give this idea your good try. Get chocolate color sectional sofa and adore the wall with chocolate art painting. You need to give a little off-white touch with super stylish creamy chair, light almond shade wall paint. This idea would be incomplete without lighting big off-white vase and a round-shape coffee table.

chocolate white living room ideas15.White Theme with multicolor print and pattern

The people who have decided to get white sectional sofa should try to make their living room a little bit different. It’s recommended to opt for some shades that look magical with white. Try black since it always compliment white, but don’t over do it. Try other colors as well such as zinc on wall, wooden on roof. Fill your sectional sofa with multicolor pillows such as lime green, zinc, black, printed white black, etc. Get white fur rug and set it beneath black long coffee table.

living room sectional sofa with black and printed cushions16.Platinum White Pattern Modern Living Room Ideas

Need super sweet white living room decor? I think below you can find the best idea. Get a classy white leather sectional sofa, set it in the middle and then adore the wall with black racks having white decoration piece. Try a small round platinum white round table and decorate it with gold theme Jurassic Park Model

white sectional sofa for living room

17. Orange-Red and Black Classy Living Room

Need a colorful modern living room idea? I think you can find it below. Good thing about this theme is that it has literally all the colors and no color is overpowered. You can see yellow lighting hanging from white glass and silver roof. Furniture features red and black sectional sofas, Brown black table and chairs, and black cabinets. Even LCD comes in black color. Wooden dark brown floor is accentuated with peach carpet having multicolor pattern.maroon and white living room idea

18.Light Orange and Off-White Living Space

Off-white shade has a perfect match with chocolate brown color and no doubt, it’s a bit traditional combination. However, you can make this idea completely modern by painting pale orange color on walls, hanging orange brown curtains, getting light orange pillows for creamy white shade sofa.

choco and off white living room

19. Clean White Modern Living Room Ideas

Get a little classic cum modern look with antique white and pure white theme. When you first look at this living room, you think it’s simply the white color that has been used all over the room. But if you pay good attention to theme then you can get a chance to see antique white, cooper and light pink shades.

white living room sofas and coffe table20. Fantastic Plum with White Trendy Touch

It’s no doubt one of the trendy and modern living room ideas. You can see plum sofa at one side and another side has brown table with white chairs. Wall is decorated with floral black and peachy pink wallpaper. A big mauve shade inverted light is hanging above the sofa while light mauve shade lamps are set on wall white rack.It is simple idea for living room decoration.

white maroon living room themeI’m sure you enjoyed a lot while browsing a collection of modern living room ideas. Don’t forget to tell me which of these ideas you like the most.



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