20 Love Quote Tattoo Designs That you would Love to Get

We all have emotions and feelings and we always like to demonstrate them in one way or another. These days, girls and guys like to portray their feelings on their bodies by dropping tattoo ink. It is indeed a very cool idea to try for. Love quote tattoos are becoming popular because they conveys the message of our inner feelings in a perfect way. Let’s peep into some very cool ideas of love quote tattoo that you would like to wear.

1. Love Quote Tattoo for girls

“We accept the love, we think we deserve” It is a cute tattoo that a girl can get on her upper back. This tattoo makes it clear that you deserved to be loved.

love tattoo back

2.Couple Love Tattoos

So, you are married now? Want to keep your wedding date in mind? The best way to do this is to get couple love quote tattoo design and add your date.

couple love tyaattoo

3.Memorial Love Tattoo

Want to give a tribute to a loved one whom you have lost? The best way is to opt for memorial love quote tattoos. Quote: “when a loved one becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure” is indeed very touching. Get an idea below.

memory love tattoo

4. Heart-Touching Love Quote Tattoo Designs

Do you need a very inspiring quote? Opt for “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal”.

love quote and message tattoos arm

5. Simple Love tattoos

If you need a simple yet stylish idea for love tat then you need to make a heart in one arm and a key into another one. Add your own quote or follow the quote given below.

one love one heart tattoo

6. Fate and Love Quote Tattoo Designs

“Love can not save you from your own fate” is a very amazing love quote tattoo that you can get.

love quote tattoo boys

7. Love my personality quote

Many times girls feel annoying when boys want to make a change in their personality. In this situation “Love me for who I am” quote seems to be a perfect tattoo choice for girls.

love me for who i am

8. Only One Love Forever Tattoo

There is only a few people who remain loyal to a person for their lifetime. For them, love quote tattoo: “One love forever” seems to be the best option.

one love forever quote tattoos9. Love Faith Tattoo

When we love someone, we have some sort of expectations from them. We expect them they would never leave us behind. Another amazing love quote tattoo design is “the ones we love never truly leave us”.

love quote tattoo celebrity10. Love Yourself Tattoo

It is indeed one of the best love quote tattoo designs that you would like to try. “Don’t forget to love yourself” gives every person a message that he should love not only other people but also himself.

don't forget to love yourself 11. All You need is Love Tattoo

In this word, we struggle for a lot of things but fact is that everyone needs true love.

all you need is love tattoo12.Motivational Love Quote Tattoo Designs

“Love the life you live, live the life you love”.This quote motivates every person to do what he likes to do.

love message tattoo boys

13. Twilight’s Love Inspired Quote Tattoos

We all love the mesmerizing love of Edward and Bella in Twilight movie.So, girls and guys who are inspired from the Twilight love can opt for love quote tattoo “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..” Edward is a Lion (vampire) while Bella is a lamb (a clumsy human being). Edward fell in love with Bella, though he stopped himself a lot. Love is unavoidable, indeed.

and so the lion fell in love with lamb14. Bring me your love tattoo design

Every girl wants love and affection of her partner, so the best way to demonstrate your inner feeling is to get a tattoo “Bring me your love”.

bring me your love tattoo

15. Mother Love Quote Tattoo

Do you love your mother more than anybody else? You can try “Love is worth only a mother” tattoo design. Get more ideas of Armband tattoos.

love is worth only a mother

16. Love never Fails Quote Tattoo

Sometimes, it becomes hard for lovers to be together but they should always keep in mind that “Love never Fails”. Though they aren’t together but their hearts will beat together always.

love never fails tattoo

17.Girl Promise and Love Quote tattoo Designs

Every girl has a soft heart in which she gives the best place to her lover. She promises a lot to him. The best promise and love quote is “Love you today more than yesterday”.


love tattoos for girls

18. Love is More Important Tattoo

“Love is the whole and more than all” is among the best love quote tattoo designs for lovers who always know the value of love.

love quote tattoo back


19. City Love Tattoo

Some people are very loyal to a place where they live. For them, “One life, one love, one city” tattoo seems to be a good choice.

love quote tattoo for arm20. True love quote Tattoo Designs

The true lovers always keep in mind every single thing of each others. The best true love tattoo quote is “The heart that truly loves never forgets”

heart truly loves never forgets tattooYou have explored some cool ideas and deep meanings of love quote tattoos. I’m sure you would like to get one tattoo out of 20 for yourself. Go and represent your inner feeling in a chic manner.

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