20 Different Bob Hairstyle Ideas Given By Celebrities

Are you planning to get a bob haircut? I think you need to wait for awhile and have a close look at 20 different bob hairstyle ideas given by top celebrities. If you get inspiration from a celebrity then you will get a super trendy look. A-list celebrity always know about fashion and hairstyle trend, so if you follow her you will automatically follow the trend. Call off your search for best bob haircut now and start exploring a collection of 20 cool bob hairstyles.

Bob Hairstyle Idea No.1 Rita Ora Platinum Graduated Bob

If you have blonde hair then you would love to try this platinum graduated or angled bob of Rita. This extremely side parted chic bob haircut is given by stylist Chris Appleton. She is looking very hot with this new hairstyle. Am I wrong?

rita ora latest bob hairstyleBob Hairstyle Idea No.2 Jennifer Lawrence Easy-to-Go Bob

Jennifer has grown up her pixie crop hair in a very graceful manner. Now she has loose and easy-to-maintain bob hairstyle. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it looks casual and it doesn’t need much time for setting.

jennifer lawrence rough bob hairBob hairstyle Idea No.3 Kaley Cuoco’s Chin Length Bob

If you have medium hair then you would like to try this face-framed bob hairstyle of Kaley. This casual hairstyle doesn’t want much from you when it comes to maintenance. You can leave your home without even pouring spray on the head, trust me.

kaley stylish bob hairstyle Bob hairstyle Idea No.4 Clemence Poesy Choppy bob haircut

Clemence is looking very hot and classy in this bob hairstyle. This ombre center parted bob is slightly waved from the roots and no doubt, it is one of the chicest celebrity bob hairstyle ideas. clemence posey double color bob

Bob Hairstyle Idea No.5 Michelle Williams’ Mini Bob

Michelle had pixie haircut but now she has grown it out and get a cool mini bob hairstyle. If you have short hair then it is recommended to grow them fast and get the same sleek bob as Michelle has.

michelle short bob hairstyleBob hairstyle Idea No.6 Katy Perry’s Retro Bob hairstyle

Girls who like volume and texture in their hair should opt for Katy Perry Retro Bob hairstyle. She has mini fringe along with this cute hairstyle. She doesn’t mind making combo of bob with choppy bangs.

katy perry retro bob hairstyleBob hairstyle Idea No.7 Kelly Rowland Center Parted Bob haircut

No doubt, Kelly impressed her with her center-parted bob haircut. This is certainly the new idea to carry a bob but it looks simply wonderful on Kelly. You can also give it a try, if you want.

kelly rowland center parted bobBob hairstyle Idea No.8 Sarah Harding’s Feather Fringe and Bob

If you want to get cool girl look then it would be possible when you try Sarah’s latest bob hairstyle. She joined bob with bangs and give this style a fabulous finish with feather fringe. No doubt, it is one of the coolest bob hairstyle ideas.fringe and bob haircut of sarahBob Hairstyle Idea No.9 Emma Robert’s Angular Bob

Need a classy bob haircut? Must check how Emma Robert styled her hair. She has angular crop bob haircut with long sweeping fringe.

emma roberts bangs and bob hairBob Hairstyle Idea No.10 Zosia Mamet’s Wavy Bob hairstyle

Zosia appeared with a brand new, off center parting bob hairstyle at the season 3 UK premiere of the TV show “Girls”. Her hairstyle changed her look to a great extent. She looked fabulous with this new hairstyle.

undone bob of zosia mematBob Hairstyles Idea No.11 Hayden’s Shoulder Skimming Bob

Want to style your medium bob hairstyle in a super classy way? Have a look at Hayden Panettiere’s shoulder skimming bob that is shined due to her front glossy slicked back hair.


slicked back bob hairstyle haydenBob Hairstyle Idea No.12 Reese Witherspoon’s Anti-aging Bob

Reese is 37 years old but her new bob hairstyle is indeed magical She is looking only 20+ due to this latest bob hairstyle. This bob with cute bang is adding some kind of x-factor into Reese personality and indeed hiding her age. Don’t you think?

reese witherspoon bobh hairBob Hairstyle Idea No.13 January Jones Formal Wavy Bob hairstyle

January Jones like to make experiment with her hairstyle. This time, she is amazing us with1920s Marcel waves bob hairstyle. This bob hairstyle is framing one side of her face in an aesthetic way.

wavy bob of january jonesBob Hairstyle Idea No. 14 Beyonce Asymmetric Lob

Beyonce has grown up her pixie haircut and she appeared with super-chic asymmetric lob hairstyle. Her long bob is gaining popularity as more and more of her fans are following her. If you have medium hair then you can try one of this best bob hairstyle idea inspired by Beyonce.

wavy bob hairstyle of beyonce

Bob Hairstyle Idea No.15 Emma Watson’s Faux Bob

Emma introduced a very chic hairstyle this year. She is looking adorable with her faux bob hairstyle. I also like this hairstyle and love to try it for myself.

emma watson faux bob hairstyleBob Hairstyles Idea No.16 Julianne Hough’s Texture Tousled Bob

This year, we see that sleek bob hairstyle is a common trend but it is Julianne who crossed this trend with her textured and tousled bob. She looked wonderful with this messy style of bob.

texture bob of julianne hough

Bob Hairstyle Idea No.17 Michelle Dockery’s Sophisticated Bob

This hairstyle of Downton Abbey’s Star is very inspiring for professional women. They would love to try this one of the super-chic bob hairstyle ideas; because it is perfectly matched with a corporate work environment.

michelle dockery glossy and sleek bob hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle Idea No.18 Nicole Richie’s 70s Bob hairstyle

Want to try classic bob hairstyle? I think the best demo will be give by Nicole Richie who came with 70s bob haircut and full fringe.

sleek bob of nicole riche

Bob hairstyle Idea No.19 Lily Collin’s Choppy Bob

Fade up from Sleek and clear Looking Bob? It’s good to get inspiration from Lily’s choppy bob haircut.

lily slight slicked bob hairstyleBob hairstyles Idea No.20 Kelly Osbourne’s Colored Angled Bob

Kelly O love to change her hairstyle and look. This time Kelly style her hair in long bob with sleek fringe. She is looking simply fantastic with this hairstyle.

kelly O bob hairstylesNow you have 20 cool bob hairstyles ideas inspired from A-list celebrities. It has become easy for you to decide about the best hairstyle for yourself.



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