20 Cute Plait hairstyles of Top Celebrities in 2014

Top celebrities always wear amazing hairstyles. We usually follow them when we have to get ready for a special event.Women who need an idea of cute plait hairstyles of top celebrities in 2014 don’t miss a list of 20 plait hairstyle idea of A-list celebs.

1.Rita Ora’s top knot and plait

Rita always love to try some unique kind of braid hairstyle.This year, she amazed us with quiff style top knot that is beautified with a delicate plait. We also love red lipstick and kinky black eyeliner of this blonde beauty.

easy braid and bun hairstyles

2.Jaime King’s French plait

If you need a really cute hairstyle for yourself then you should have to follow Jaime King who got a dreamy look with French plait. She opted for tight plait but you can lose some strand just to get flattering look.

cute braided hairstyles

3.Emily Blunt’s Princess braid

It is one of the most attractive cute plait hairstyles of celebrities. If you want to copycat this hairstyle then you have to weave your hair locks into an undone plaited hair bun.

2014 braided hairstyles

4.Cameron Diaz’s skinny plait

Girls who need have fine hair and don’t know how to style their hair in the best way. You can make a side skinny braid and then let your hair strands moving around this thin braid. The basic idea is to grab perfect heavy hair even you don’t have good hair volume.

braided hairstyles for celebrity

5.Pixie Lott’s Pom-poms hairstyle

This season, we see a lot of pom-pomps in handbags, dresses and shoes but it is Pixie Lott who gave us an idea how to use them into your hairstyle. Make a braid from top of head to nape and then adore it with black pom-poms ponytail.

pixie lot braided hairstyles

6.Lily Collins’s Cross pin braids

Lily enhanced her hair beauty with intricate braided hairstyle and then to amplify this hairstyle with cross pins. You can use color hair pins for making this cute braid hairstyle simply adorable.

braid hairstyles and hair pins

7.Elizabeth Banks’ baby braids

One of the cute plait hairstyles is to go for baby braids that can surely make a good impact. Your task is to side part your hair and then makes a top plait that hugs a side braid. This seems to be a fantastic plait hairstyle that you would love to try.

cute braided hairstyles for celebrity

8.Pixie Lott’s Half halo braid

Do you want to make your look simply attractive? Holly Rudge- hairstylist made a romantic half-halo braid. She didn’t mind loosing the hair strands. This hairstyle is quite perfect for a casual party.

pixie lott braid hairstyles

9.Kelly Osbourne’s Chunky plait

Girls who have short undercut hairstyle can’t go without braid hairstyle, they only need to take inspiration from Kelly Osbourne. Celebrity weaved hair with a chunky plait. In order to accentuate this hairstyle, she scattered gold studs in the braid. It seems to be cutest plait hairstyles that women love to try.

purple plait hairstyles

10.Daisy Lowe’s Messy fishtail

Professional women must get inspiration from Daisy Lowe who adored her look with a messy fishtail plait hairstyle.

simple fishtail braid hairstyles

11.Jennifer Lopez’s laid back braid bun

Jennifer Lopez opted for laidback braid bun. She made a braid and then pinned it up very tightly. This seems to be a great bun hairstyle to try this season.

braided bun hairstyles

12.Alicia key’s Mohawk plait hairstyle

It is indeed a very inspiring hairstyle for women who have side shaved head. They need to make plait in a Mohawk style. This seems to be a rough and tough look.

mohawk braid hairstyles

13.Margot Robbie’s Bun and braid hairstyle

Margot caught her stylish honey hair into a series of braids t Add Mediahat begin from crown and end with a simple hair bun. This hairstyle seems complex but your hairstylist could easily copy it.

plait hairstyles celebrity

14.Khloe kardashian’s Badass braid hairstyle

You would surely like to get inspiration from super-long and skinny Badass braid hairstyle. French plait hairstyle is quite simple to do but it always look great.

celebrity badass braids

15.Perrie Edwards’s classic Braid hairstyle

Center part your hair, pick your center hair section and then make a classic plait. This seems to be cute plait hairstyles for top celebrities.

easy braided hairstyles

16.Sienna Miller’s Double side braid

You may love to copycat this braid hairstyle. Your task is to divide hair into two section and then make plaits from top of head to nape.

braided hairstyles for long hair

17.Jamima kirke’s Pastel Milkmaid braid

Pastels are quite in-fashion these days. If you need a hair color idea then you should get inspiration from pastel pink hue of Kirke. She made a milkmaid braid with few hair strands that are pulled free.it is indeed cute plait hairstyles that every girl would love to emulate.

pink crown braid hairstyles

18.Cara Delevingne’s Tousled bumper braid

Do you need a stylish braid hairstyle idea? It’s good to follow Cara Delevingne’s braid hairstyle. She made her look super chic with a tousled bumper braid.

messy hairsyles for long hair

19.Poppy Delevingne’s simple plait

Poppy opted for a simple plait but this particular hairstyle is made simply beautiful with slicked down roots and bunk cut. We also love the way she put this braid on her shoulder.

simple braid hairstyles for long hair

20.Amber Heard’s Boho plait hairstyle

Do you need a really inspiring plait hairstyle idea? You should opt for a really simple and amazing Amber Heard braid that she wore on Cannes Film festival 2014.

cute braid hairstyles for long hair

You have 20 cool and cute plait hairstyles of A-list celebrities. It’s time to try any of these cool ideas.


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