18 Heart Touching Wedding Ring Tattoo Design

Wedding is an important event of everyone’s life. An important ritual of this event is to wear wedding ring. There are many couples who want to replace wedding ring with permanent wedding ring tattoo design. It’s indeed a great idea. So, if you want to do the same and searching for the best designs of wedding ring tattoos then you have hit the right place. Here you would be able to explore 18 amazing designs of Wedding ring tattoo.

1.Colorful Ring tattoos for couple

Don’t present wedding ring to your partner, instead you should opt for colorful wedding ring style tattoos on your ring fingers.

husband wife colorful ring tattoos

2.Celtic Triskele Tattoo design

Some couples love to get a Celtic Triskele tattoo. Triskele is an important symbol in Celtic culture. It has varied meanings. For couples, meaning of a three interlocked spiral or Triskele tattoo is “Power-intellect-love”.

triskele tattooo for husband wife

3.Mr and Mrs. Tattoo design

Partners always want to show the world that their marital status has changed. So, the best way to express this is to opt for Mr. and Mrs. Wedding ring tattoo design.

mr and mrs tattoos for partners

4.Owl and Tree tattoo design

You would surely love this idea. Female opt for owl tattoo on ring finger while male gets a tree. Owl can’t live without tree that is his house. In the same manner, one partner is dependent on other in the whole life, they can’t live alone.

owl and tree tattoos wedding ring

5.Wedding ring band tattoo with Name Initials

It is another great idea that is tried by couples after wedding. They get matching ring bands in the ring fingers and also write the name initials.

wedding ring bands and partner name initial tattoos

6.Mickey Mouse and Minne Mouse Wedding ring tattoo

We all love Mickey and Minnie mouse couple. So, it would be indeed fun to have Mickey and Minnie mouse faces as your wedding ring tattoo design.

mickey mouse and minnie mouse ring tattoo couples

7.Hold Heart with hand tattoo design

If you need a very romantic idea of couple tattoo design then you should opt for matching heart hold in hand tattoo. This tattoo means that one partner is going to hold heart of another forever.

hold heart in hand tattoo couple

8.White ink Partner name tattoos

You can replace wedding ring with partner name tattoo design. People go for white ink as they want to show their partner name to any other person except them.

partner name wedding ring white ink tattoo

9.Half heart tattoo design

Another cool idea of wedding ring tattoo design is to get half heart tattoo in every partner finger. When ring fingers are joined then heart gets completed, really amazing design idea to try.

half heart wedding ring tattoos

10.Steampunk Wedding ring tattoo

Combine steampunk with feather and make your own design of wedding ring tattoo. It seems to be the best design for new era.

steampunk wedding ringh tattoos

11.Winged heart tattoo design for couples

The meaning of winged heart means one partner heart has freely moved to another partner. You would love this stunning wedding ring tattoo design.

winged heart tattoo for couples

12.Infinity wedding ring tattoo for couples

Love has no limit, so express your limitless and infinite love with infinity symbol as a wedding ring.

matching wedding ring tattoo infinity

13.Heart Lock and Key tattoo

Female partner usually gets a heart with a lock tattoo while male partner gets a heart key that can open lock. This is another impressive tattoo idea for couples.

heart lock and key tattoos

14.Wedding date ring tattoo

In order to make your wedding date memorable then you can take it as your wedding ring tattoo. In this way, you never forget the day when you tied the knot.

wedding date tattoos

wedding date roman numbers  tattoo

15.Simple Wedding ring tattoos

Some couples don’t like fancy designs of tattoo. So, it is suggested to them to get black and white simple ring band tattoos.

simple bands ring tattoos

16.Music and Smile Ring tattoo

Instead of having a simple ring band, you can make your wedding ring tattoo design quite dramatic with music notes band and smile design. You can discover some amazing name tattoos ideas, as well.

music note and smile wedding ring tattoo

17.Partner name tattoos

You would surely love to write name of your partner as your wedding ring tattoo. Try to use best and stylish tattoo font while writing a name.

partner name wedding ring tattoo

patner name tattoos for wedding

18.Male and Female Skull tattoo design

If you need a really cool idea of wedding ring then you should go for male and female skull tattoo design. Male partner can get a skull with flower on head while female partner can get a simple skull tattoo design on her ring finger.

cool wedding ring tattoo

I’m sure you would love to pick one wedding ring tattoo design from above-mentioned 17 cool designs ideas. Don’t forget to give your vote to the best design. You may like to read about cute toe ring tattoos.

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