16 Hottest Male Celebrities with Long Hair

Generally, it has been seen that guys takes inspiration from male celebrities when it comes to hairstyling and dressing. They like to copycat long or short hairstyle of celebrities. Though they can’t not spend the life like a celebrity but surely they are able to wear the hairstyle and dress like a celebrity. The guys who have long hair always want to know how to style their long hair, so I’m here to give them a chance to get direct inspiration from male celebrities with long hair. So, let’s start exploring 16 hottest celebrities long hairstyles.

1. Hugh Jackman Long Curly and Straight Hair

If you are a big fan of “Logan” or Hugh Jackman then you should consider either curly or straight long hair. Guys like to have the power and metal nails like X-Men and therefore, they love to see what their fantastic X-Men is wearing in his daily life.  Hugh appears normally with medium hair but he has to get long hair for his special characters. No doubt, he looks stunning in long hair.

curly long haistyle of hugh jackmanhugh jackman long haistyle

2.Johnny Depp Long Curly and Straight hair.

Captain Jack Sparrow is more famous than Johnny Depp among guys who want to be cunning and super fast in action and running just like Johnny Depp. It is a fact that many men start growing their hair when they saw Johnny Depp with long hairstyles. Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t the only best character of Johnny. He is the hottest celebrities with long hair, women love to go for a date with him and guys want to look like johnny.  Some men try to get long half curly hair like the Captain JS while other like to center-part their long straight hair and wear a black glasses like attractive Johnny Depp.

long straight haistyle of johnny depplong hairstyles of johnny depp

3.Brad Pitt Long Straight Hairstyle

Remember Troy’s soldier? I’m sure you can’t forget this character. Thousands of blonde men copycat long hairstyles of Brad Pitt just after the when Troy hit the cinemas. This movie is indeed inspiring and fantastic. Brad Pitt had a strong men character in it.He was a soldier who never afraid of anyone. Daring guys loved this character, so they also love to follow long straight hairstyle of Brad Pitt.

brad pitt long hairstyles brad pitt long hairstyle

4.Ian Somerhalder Sexy Long Wavy Hairstyle

Impulsive and a kinda Bad Vampire of Vampire Diaries a.k.a Ian Somerhalder is very famous due to his character Damon Salvatore. You can call him as a Mr.perfectionist who knows how to complete a scene in a perfect and wonderful manner. His role is quite inspiring and interesting in Vampire Diaries.He is equally famous among girls and guys, though sometimes ration of female fans is more than male. Ian Somerhalder is also among famous celebrities with long hair. His long wavy and layered hairstyles look simply terrific.

Ian somerhalder long hairstyles

Ian long wavy hairstyle

5.Taylor Lautner Black Straight Long Hairstyles

Jacob is the famous character of Twilight movie series, this character is played by Taylor Lautner who is the hottest celebrities with long hair. Thousands of guys who saw Twilight get inspiration from long black hair of Jacob or Taylor. They wanted to be as strong and cool as Jacob is, so they started growing their hair. Some men dye their hair with black just to get the exact black long hair look as Jacob has.

long black hair of taylor lautnerTaylor lautner jackob long hairstyle

6.Owen Wilson Blonde Wavy hair

Owen Wilson is among those actors who know how to perform a comedy role gracefully. His best movies are Wedding Crashers and Internship. He did the great job in both movies. He has natural blonde hair and normally he sets the long hair in wavy style. Most common thing of his long hairstyle is his sleek fringe that normally cover his full forehead. However, sometimes he likes to side swept this fringe.

owen wilson shaggy long hairstylesowen wilson fringe and hair7.David Beckham Blonde Straight and Ponytail hairstyles

David Beckham is a well-known famous English football player. But you may surprise to know that he also does modeling. He is popular not only as a player but also a fashion icon. He knows how to dress up well, how to style the hair in the best way. Sometimes, he comes with short hair while other times he wears long hair gracefully. He appeared with long straight center-parted hair in many occasions. The guys who follow him love to make a ponytail of long hair just like David Beckham.

blonde long hair david beckhamdavid beckham long hairstyle pony

8.Chris Hemsworth Long Wavy or Straight hairstyle

Chris Hemsworth or Thor can also be categorized under hottest male celebrities with long hair. He is well-known all over the world due to his Character “Thor” People also recognize him “a hero with hammer”. The guys wish they could also have a hammer with power like Thor. Chris has a magical personality, he has millions of female and male fans. Guys who want to copycat his hairstyle can try either long wavy or long layered haircut.

Chris Hemsworth shiny long hairChris hemsworth long layered hairstyle

9.Josh Holloway

Joshua Lee “Josh” Holloway is famous American actor and model. He is mainly known due to his character  James “Sawyer” Ford on the American television show Lost. You can also see his brilliant performance in newest TV drama of the CBS drama named “Intelligence”, he is playing the role of Gabriel Vaughn. His long hair is indeed a great inspiration for guys. They want to get the sleek and straight hair like him.Sometimes he swept back the front hair while highlighting the back layers of hair while other times he like to center-parted his layered long hairstyle.

long hair of josh hollowayjosh holloway long layered hairstyle10.Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an Irish actor and model. He has worked for both TV and movies. His best roles are in  in the films, Velvet Goldmine, Mission Impossible III, Bend It Like Beckham, Match Point, etc. Though now he has short spiky hairstyle but fact is that Jonathan looks wonderful in his center-parted long straight hairstyle. He is also in the hot list of celebrities with long hair.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Straight hairstylemessy long hairstyle jonathan meyers11.Tom Cruise Long Wavy hairstyle

Tom Cruise grew his hair for movie The Last Samurai and no doubt, this hairstyle suits him a lot. He was indeed looking a hero who could save the world. The guys who loved his role in the movie start growing their hair because they also wanted to look like Tom. In many award functions, he appeared with long wavy hairstyle. Fact is that long hairstyles suits to Tom Cruise more than short haircut. What do you think?

Tom Cruise long hairstylelong wavy hairstyles of tom cruise12.Zac Efron Long Wavy or Bang Hairstyle

Zac Efron is a talented American actor and singer. He is well-known as a teen idol in High School Musical. He also performed great role in the movie That Awkward moment,The Lucky One, Neighbors, 17 Again, etc. He is no doubt among the famous celebrities with long hair. He generally appears with short hairstyle such as spikes, pompadour, faux hawk, etc. But he also came with long wavy and bang hairstyle. But fact is that Zac look more stylish and handsome in short hair than long hair.

zac efron long hairstyles

Zack efron long hair bangs 13.Shia LaBeouf Sleek Wavy or messy curly long hair

Shia LaBeouf is a famous American actor and director. His fans are many youngsters just because he performed a good role of Louis Stevens in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. He also won award for this role. Young guys who want to look like Shia normally opt for wavy hairstyle. There are two hairstyling options to try. First guys can get long wavy hair and they can swept back the front hair after applying hairstyling cream. Second ideas is to get messy look with long curly hairstyle.

long haistyle shia LaBeouf

Shia Labeouf long hairstyles

14.Josh Harnett Sleek long Layered hairstyle

Josh Harnett is a renowned American actor and producer. He started his career from a TV series in 1998 but soon he hit the Hollywood industry and performed terrific roles in different movies such as Pearl Harbor, Sin City, 40 days and 40 nights, Wicker Park and many more. He has the main character Ethan Chandler in 2014 horror TV series “Penny Dreadful”. When it comes to his hairstyling, Josh usually have short hair but he looks handsome in long sleek layered hairstyle. Girls love to vote for a list of make celebrities with long hair, if list includes the name of Josh Harnett.

josh harnett long hairstyle

trendy long men hairstyle


15. Ewan McGregor Wavy or Straight Long hairstyle

Ewan McGregor is a scottish actor who has performed many famous roles in the movies and TV series such as Trainspotting (1996), Star Wars prequel trilogy (1999–2005), musical film Moulin Rouge! (2001), and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. He has a catchy personality and beautiful hair. He generally appears with long wavy hairstyle but he doesn’t mind to come up with straight long hair.

Ewan McGregor long wavy hairlong hairstyle ewan mcgregor

16. Colin Farrel Straight Sleek Long hairstyle

Colin Farrel is an Irish actor who has done very good roles in the movies such as The Recruit, Tigerland, Intermission, Minority Report,Dead Man Dawn, Seven Psychopaths, and many more. He is also categorized under hottest male celebrities with long hair. He usually slicked back his front hair. Sometimes, he appears with long wavy hairstyle while other times he has curly or straight long hair.

colin farrel stylish long haircolin farrel long hairstyleNow it’s not really hard for you to take inspiration from celebrities with long hair. Just pick one long hairstyle and try it now.


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