16 Hot Celebrities with Quiff hairstyle

We all like to copycat celebrity hairstyles since they wear a style in the perfect way. Quiff is one of the famous short hairstyles for women. This hairstyle leaves bold impression on one’s personality.  Let’s look into quiff hair styles of top celebrity.



1.Pink Quiff hair

When you have to do something really cool with your short hair then you need to look at Pink’s quiff hairstyle. She gave a modern touch to her locks with this short hairstyle. Pink also wore sleek retro quiff.

quiff hairstyle of pink

2.Evan Rachel Wood

In case you need unique idea of quiff hair styling then you should look at Wood’s hair. She really added her own chic touch into this hairstyle.

evan rachel wood quiff hair

3.Anne Hathaway

We really surprised to see the fantastic platinum-blonde quiff style of Anne at 2013 Met Gala. This hairstyle suited her a lot.

anne hathaway blonde quiff

4.Rihanna Quiff hairstyle

We all know that Rihanna keeps experimenting with her hair cut and hair color. One time she appeared with black quiff and another time she added retro factor and golden highlight into this hairstyle.

rihann retro quiff hairstyles

rihanna high quiff hair

5.Miley Cyrus

The fans of Miley would like to pull off blonde striking quiff hair style. Bleached blonde locks really enhance beauty of this style.

miley cyrus quiff hair

6.Demi lovato

Demi is another rock star that loves to change her hairstyle. She also opted for honey hue quiff hair.


7.Kelly Osbourne

Girl with long hair would love to try stunning gold quiff and ponytail hairstyle of Kelly.

kelly osbourne quiff hairstyle


8.Katy Perry

Girls who really want to change their complete look opt for blue quiff hair of Katty Perry.

katy perry blue quiff hairstyle


Another cool way to wear quiff is demonstrated by Adeyn. This hairstyle offers you a little masculine touch.

adeyn qujiff hair

10.Carey Mulligan

Carey also opted for a very stylish kind of quiff hairstyle. Her feline eyes and cute lippy complemented her hairstyle.

carey mulligan quiff hairstyles

11.Jennifer Lopez

If you want to wear quiff with a rock style then you need to copycat Jennifer Lopez Quiff. She made her hair very gloss with styling serum. The height and highlight of her quiff hairstyle is simply wonderful.

jennifer lopez quiff hairstyle

12.Nicole Kidman

Nicole has magical beauty and she added grace to her beauty with slicked back quiff hairstyle.

nicole kidman quiff hairstyle

13.Kate Backinsale

Need a casual type of quiff hairstyle idea, you can grab it from Kate Backinsale.

kate backinsale quiff hair

14.Christina Aguilera Retro Quiff

Need a very clear cut quiff hairstyle? You need to follow Aguilera who looked hot with this hairstyle.

christina quiff hairstyle

15.Gwen Stefani

In case you need the best retro quiff hairstyle idea than only Stefani can guides you in the best way.

gwen stefani quiff hairstyles


After exploring celebrity with quiff hair, you feel it easy to pick the best idea that you have to copy.





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