16 Adorable Wall Decor Ideas for Kids Room

Are you looking for best wall decor design for your kids room? If yes then you have certainly landed at the right place. I’m here to help you digging inside some amazing and adorable wall decor ideas for little boy or girl room. It is a fact that whole theme of your kids room is largely dependent on wall decor, you choose rest of room accessories depending colors of wall and its basic theme. Therefore, you don’t need to be in hurry when picking an idea of kids wall decor. Spend some time in searching and don’t forget to ask about the preferences and demand of your little sweetheart. Let’s dig down cool kids room wall design ideas.

purple butterfly wallpaper for kids

1.Spider Man Wall Design

No doubt, it is perfect theme for your little boy. Even many girls love the spider man. Interestingly, spider man theme is very easy to adopt since high demand and worldwide popularity of Spider Man makes it simple for the parents to turn a simple room of their kids into specific spider man theme. You are able to get not only wall paper with this specific theme but also cushions,bedding, bed, stools, tables, wall hanging and many other things.

kids room spider man themekids room spider man theme

2. Galaxy Wall Looks Wonderful

If your kids like to stare the sky and want to explore galaxy, moon, sun and other things then you can surely pick blue galaxy wall decor for your little boy or girl room. Once you get the blue galaxy wall, next step would be to grab matching furniture items and other room accessories.

galaxy wall paper for kids room

3. Think about Crowded Zoo Wall Decor

Many kids love to spend most of their time with animal and in the zoo. Therefore, parents can pick zoo theme wall decor for their kids room. Your kid will surely feel great happiness in the company of her innocent friends. Good thing is that you can easily found animal theme beds, chair, wall hanging, painting and other things; so adopting zoo theme for kids room won’t be quite hard for you.

zoo wall decor kids perfect zoo theme for kids room

4. Village Wall theme

Want to combine modern and classic touch in your kid’s room? If yes then the best idea is to  get village wall paper and get modern furniture and other interior setting items.  No doubt, it is unique kids room decoration idea that you can try for your loving child.

village kids wall decor

5. Butterflies Everywhere in the room

Kids love to follow and catch the butterflies. Colors of butterfly wings are very attractive and thus kids especially little girls feels great attraction in these little insects. You have two options for getting this idea.You can get either colorful butterfly wallpaper or ready-made colorful butterflies painting or wall hanging. It is a common little girls wall decor idea.

butterfly theme for kids roombutterfly theme for kids roomcolorful butterfly wall decor ideas

6. Mickey Mouse Wall Decor Ideas for Kids

If your kids are big fan of mickey mouse then decoration of their room gonna be very simple for you. It is very easy to get mickey mouse theme in your kids room since you can easily buy wall paper, furniture and other room accessories with this theme; because mickey mouse is one of the popular kids character.

micrkey mouse wall decor ideas for kids

7. Spread Rose in your Kids Room

It is indeed great and adorable idea for wall decor. Rose is symbol of love, so symbolize complete room of your kid with rose wall decor. Good thing is that rose theme offer you a chance to play with different colors of roses or flowers. There is no need to always stick with usual pink color, you can get yellow, white, purple, black or other rose or flower theme.

flower theme for kids roomcool flower wall decor for kids roomflower theme for kids room

8. Turn Kid’s room into an Ocean

Ocean is indeed the most attractive thing for the kids. Actually, ocean have fish, star fish, whale, crab,sea horse, dolphin, turtle and other animals. Kids are always interested to spend time with ocean animals. They feel great attraction in them. So, you can surely try ocean wall decor ideas for kids.

ocean theme for kids roomocean wall decorfor kids roomocean theme for kids room

9. Cute Smurf Theme looks Astonishing

Smurf is very popular Belgian comic and Television franchise that is completely based on fictional colony of tiny blue creatures who have mushroom-shape homes in the forest. This comic is very appealing for the kids. They like every single thing of smurfs and want to spend some time with them in real-time. You can make it possible by offering smurf wall decor theme to their room.

smurf wall decor for kids

10. Innocent Dinosaur Theme for Kids room

Does your kid like to watch Jurassic park, T-Rex Dinosaur and Dino Rider? I think you should consider getting dinosaur wall theme for his/her room. Normally, boys show great interest in Dino but there are again some exceptions when girls have deep interest in these animals.

dinosaur wall decor for kids room

11. Robotic golf Wall Decor Ideas for Kids

Do you need something unique? I think you should opt for robotic wall theme idea. Little boys take interest in golf because their father also have interest in this sports. If you notice that your kids is inclining toward gold then you can give a due consideration to golf wall idea.

golf robotic wall paper for kids room

12. Cartoon Transport Wall Theme for kids room

Another different kind of wall theme for your kids room is to opt for cartoonic-transport wall paper. You can paint the wall with light colors and get small cars,helicopter, truck, railway and other transport wall decals. On the other hand, you can buy kids style transport wall theme.

helicopter and car theme for kids roomtrain and car wall paper for kids room

13. Silly Circus Wall Decor Idea

There are many kids who love to watch circus live and in TV shows. If you don’t like traditional wall decor ideas for kids room then I suggest you to try circus theme since it is quite unusual but looks wonderful all the time.

circus wall decor for kidss

14. Giraffe Wall for kids room

Giraffe is a tallest land animal that has long neck and limbs. Kids when look at these animals then they feel great interest in them. They want to explore all facts related to them. If your little kids take good interest in Giraffe, it is recommended to plan giraffe wall theme for his room.

girafee wall decor ideas for kids room

15.Sports Car Wall Decor ideas for Kids room

Little boys love to drive sports car in the play lands. Some little guys are quite crazy about sports cars, if same the case is with your little strong guy then you can make a plan of sports car wall theme for his room. Fortunately, you can turn complete room into sports car field by getting matching wallpaper, car beds and other accessories; actually manufacturer know the demand of little kids, so they offer ready-made sports cars beds, stools, tables and other items.

sports car wall theme for kidssports car theme for boys

16. Disney Wall Theme for kids

It is a fact that kids like background of Disney cartoon movies. So, you can get Disney style wall paper for the decoration of their room wall. In this way, you can give them the perfect theme they love to see in their favorite cartoons or movies.

disney wall paper for kids room

I am done with wonderful Wall Decor ideas for kids room. Now it’s your turn. Pick one of these ideas and start changing the theme of your little kid. Don’t forget to cast a vote for your favorite wall decor idea.


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