15 Fantastic Ideas of Makeup for Blue Eyes

Today, I decided to add a little comfort into the lives of all those girls who have blue eyes. It is a fact that blue eyed girls have to think a lot about eye makeup when they need to get ready for a special occasion. They don’t know whether an idea would suits them or not. Every color doesn’t suit them, so they must pick the best shades for them. Before I proceed further, I would suggest you to check an article that makes it clears to you what colors compliments blue eyes. Once you have knowledge, you would be able to make the right selection at the right time. In order to bring a little ease into blue eyed women, I collected 15 fantastic ideas of Makeup for Blue eyes. So, let’s peep into these ideas.

1.Get smoky black Eyes makeup

Want to look gorgeous in a night party? The best idea that you can try is black smoky eye makeup. You need to blend three family shades of black in such a way that you get smooth yet fantastic black smoky blue eyes.


smoky black makeup for blue eyes

smoky makeup for blue eyes

2.Try Bronze on Blue Eyes

If you have dark blue eyes then you should consider light tone such as bronze, off-white, lime green. Apply light bronze shade on eyelid and blend it with light golden shade.


bronze makeup for blue eyes

3.Don’t Miss Green Smoky Makeup idea

Some girls avoid black smoky eye makeup because they consider it too dark to try. In this case, it is suggested to opt for green smoky eye makeup since it would have black color only on eye’s corner while rest of eyelid will be covered with dark green eyeshadow.

green makeup for blue ees


4.Roar through blue Eyes via leopard makeup

If you are in hurry but need a fantastic eye makeup idea for blue eyes then you should give a good try to leopard eye shadow stickers.These stickers are widely available in the market. Buy them and get a super cool look in a matter of seconds.

leopard makeup for blue eyes

5.Go Pink with Blue Eyes

Pink always compliment blue eyes. You can try three shades of pink eye shadow just to get a real magical makeup effect.Instead of applying eyeliner on lower lid, apply a little pink eye shadow and a plum shade eyeliner close to your eyelid.

pink makeup for blue eyespink dust for blue eyes

6.Peach Look Simple yet classy

Normally, celebrities get peach makeup for blue eyes since it looks very simple and natural. Good thing is that it’s very easy to handle peach eye shadow. Pick light peach shade for eyes, medium for cheeks and dark glossy for lips just to get the perfect peachy look.

peach pink makeup for blue eyes

7.Get Dramatic effect with glittery blue Makeup

Do you have light blue eyes? Go and try dark blue glittery eyeshadow on the lower and upper eyelid.Instead of applying black eyeliner, you can opt for silver grey eyeliner. Peach glittery lip gloss will perfectly compliment this shimmery eye makeup.

glittery blue makeup for blue eyes

8. Zinc Green Makeup for Blue Eyes

Matte Zinc green eyeshadow looks great with blue eyes. Apply black eyeshadow on lower lip. Apply zinc blue eyeliner instead of black just to get the smooth look. You need to apply mascara with a little care, don’t apply thick coat. Your task is to apply mascara in a way that lashes get separate from each other.

dark green makeup for blue eyes

9. Be Natural with Blue Eyes

Try natural colors on blue eyes, when you are going to apply red lipstick. If you apply dark shades on blue eyes then it seems awkward. Dark red lips always compliment with light eyeshadow such as light pink, light peach, light orange, etc.

natural makeup for blue eyes

10.  Peach Pink is a good choice

Peach pinkish eyeshadow is the best choice for dark blue eyed girl. In order to intensify the look, you can apply black eyeliner on upper and lower eyelid. Go for thick mascara coat. Apply fresh peachy pink color on lips.

peach orange makeup for blue eyes

11. Go for Grey Blue Makeup For Blue Eyes

If you know how to apply cat eyeliner then this makeup is perfect for your blue eyes. This is a special party makeup. You need to apply grey blue eyeshadow on the eyelid and then to blend it with a little black color. You need to apply black eyeliner in a cat look. Enhance the look with fresh pink glossy lipstick.

grey black makeup for blue eyes12. Brown Looks Cool

Try light brown eyeshadow on the eyelid. It’s a fact that close-set blue eyes look extra wide, if you apply brown dust eyeshadow. In order to make little eyes wide, you can apply sky blue eyeliner inside the lower eyelid close to tear duct. Go for light eye mascara coat. Orange red matte lipstick seems perfect with this kinda makeup.

brown makeup for blue eyes

13. Light Copper Makeup for Blue Eyes

If you want to opt for natural makeup then apply light copper eyeshadow on your eyelid. You need to blend the eyeshadow as smoothly as you can. Apply red dark lipstick with the natural eyes. No need to apply black eyeliner or eye mascara. Just be as much natural as you can.

natural makeup for blue eyes


14. Yellow Gold is Quite Magical

Apply yellow gold eyeshadow on the eyelid and blend it smoothly all over eyes.  Apply bronze eyeliner just to enhance the overall look. You need to opt for light black eyeliner and black mascara coat. Since you have light makeup on eyes, you can try dark red lipstick.

brown gold makeup on blue eyes

15. Ocean Blue Makeup for Blue Eyes

If you have triple blue eyes then you should opt for light blue eyes. You need to apply eyeshadow on top and bottom eyelid in a fine way. Apply silver highlighter just to intensify the look. Apply dark pink color on cheeks and compliment this makeup with orange glossy lipstick.

blue eyes makeup blueNow you have 15 cool ideas of makeup for blue eyes. I’m sure you would never find it hard to pick the best idea for yourself.

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