15 Different Emo hairstyles for Boys

Teen and young boys always want to look super cool. Therefore,many of them opt for Emo hairstyle because this particular hairstyle add style and grace into their personality.An ordinary boy becomes extra-ordinary, if he opts for Emo hairstyle. Some people say that this hairstyle has a specific meaning while it is not true. The root of this hairstyle is in the music industry. Indeed, it is a rock music kind of hairstyle that has a close connection to punk and mohawk hairstyles. This particular hairstyle came into the world in 1980s and at that time it was named as “Emotional hardcore” or “Emo Core”. It evolved with the passage of time. In past, guys who related to music field opted for Emo hairstyles but now this hairstyle is fixed for college boys, teenagers and youngster, no matter they have interest in music or not. These days, Emo Core is simply known as Emo hairstyle. So,  if you need this hairstyle then I would like to unlock 15 different Emo hairstyles for Boys.

1.Try Lavender Emo Style

If your complexion is fair then you would look great if you dye your hair in cute Levender hue and then to get a razor-cut edgy Emo-core hairstyle.

lavender emo hairstyle boys

2.Follow Adam Lambert

The guys who follow Adama Lambert, love to copycat his blonde/black or simple black emo hairstyle. This hairstyle add some kind of attitude similar to Adam in the boy’s personality. Do you agree?

adam lambery emo short hair

3. Mix Blonde into Your Black Emo hair

The guys who need a little change into their existing black Emo haircut must try blonde hues. Blonde looks fabulous with black, you can dye  some hair strands either own your own or with the help of an expert hairstylist.

blonde black emo hairstyle

4. Take Inspiration from Jared Leto

A singer who has real acting and singing talent could be your inspiration when you need some ideas of Emo hairstyles for boys. Interestingly, boys can get not only Emo hairstyle idea from Jared but also other trendy hairstyle ideas. Jared is a person who knows how to stay trendy all the time.

zac efron emo haircut

5.Dazzling Dark Blue Emo

The guys who follow punk hairstyling, usually love to add color into their Emo haircut. It is suggest to reach for dazzling dark blue color because it amps up your personal impression.

dark blue emo hairstyles

6. Multicolor Emo hair

One of the chicest Emo hairstyles for boys is multicolor Emo hardcore. Guys should choose the hair color very carefully because some colors doesn’t make a perfect comb with one another.

multicolor emo haircut


7.Model Emo Style

It is indeed a very chic Emo hairstyle idea for boy. Your should ask your hairstylist to cut hair long at one side while keeping other side hair very short and in layer style.

model emo hairstyle for boys

8. Spiky Emo Hairstyle

When boys combine spikes and Emo haircut then end result is the hot spiky Emo hairstyle. This particular hairstyle takes much time for setting and maintenance because a guy has to set not only his Emo sharp strands but also to make spikes.

boy spily emo haircut

9. Extra Long Emo hairstyle

It is one of the perfect Emo hairstyles for boys with long hair.  Instead of cutting your hair short, you can style your long hair in razor-sharped and edgy Emo-hardcore.

extra long emo haircut boys

10.Short Emo Hairstyle

Don’t have full hair length for making a chic Emo? No need to worry, you can still get layered short Emocore hairstyle.

short emp hairsyle teenagers

11.Layered Emo hairstyle

This hairstyle is quite suitable for teenagers. They can get very cool look by making layers of their long or medium hair and then setting the front hair in a trendy way.

light and dark emo hairstyle

12. Emo Ombre Hairstyle

The guys who don’t want to change the color of their full hair can surely opt for ombre kind of hairstyling. They can dye low edges of their sharp hair strands, just to add make their hairstyle super stylish.

ombre emo hairstyle

13. Light Color Highlights in Emo haircut

Emo hairstyles for boys is somehow incomplete, if a boy doesn’t add some color. In order to get perfect finishing of your Emo haircut, you can add some light color highlights.

highlights in emo haircut

14. Ash Blonde Strips in Emo

Guys who have black hair can sparkle their hairstyle by dying some layers or strips of hair in ash gold or brown hues.

punk emo hairstyle for boys

15.Turquoise Emo hairstyle for Boy

Need a very cool Emo hair dye idea? Go and try turquoise. You will get very different look with this unique color.

boy color emo hairstyle

Finally, you have 15 different ideas of Emo hairstyles for boys. Now it’s your turn to either pick any of these ideas or to share your idea with us.


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