15 Cool Tattoo Designs on Thigh for Girls

Girls always search for the best tattoo designs. They usually like to try something new and unique tattoos for themselves. Small tattoos look great on wrist but they love to get tattoos designs on thigh- where tattoos become prominent when they wear shorts. At this place, they can get big tats very easily. Today, you can easily grab 15 cool thigh tattoo designs below.

1.Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

This tattoo design is quite popular among many different cultures. The meaning of Dreamcatcher tattoo is to get protection from evil spirits and negative energy. This tattoo design keeps nightmare away from a person.

dreamcatcher tattoo designs thigh

2.Octopus Tattoo design

Octopus tattoo design  for a person who is facing difficult time of life and want to regrow and move forward in life. This meaning of this tattoo design is very simple yet powerful i.e. regrowth.

octopus tattoo design thigh

3.Birds Tattoo Designs on Thigh

Girls like freedom and they love little birds. Birds are associated with freedom. So, it is good to get birds and flower tattoo design on thigh just to enhance the femininity.

birds tattoo design on thigh

4.Cat Tattoo for girls

The meanings of Cat tattoo design is independence, quick recovery and  freedom of thought.Girls always like all such things, so they love to try cat tattoo designs.

cat tattoo designs on thigh

5.Wolf Tattoos on Thighs

There are many bold girls who like to get wild animal tattoos. For them, wolf tattoo seems to be a great idea. The meaning of wolf tattoo design is power and loyalty.

wolf tattoo designs on thigh

6.Clock tattoo design

Girls like to memorize some special time of their lives, so they opt for a clock tattoo design. Meaning of clock tattoo is the memorandum of specific life time.

clock and flower tattoo designs

7.Anchor Tattoo designs

Girls want stability and  protection in their lives, therefore they like to try an anchor tattoo. Meaning of this tattoo is protection and stability. Though this tat was first associated with sailor but now it is worn by almost every person.

anchor tatto design on thigh

8.Fish Tattoos Thigh

Girls like the intricate details of fish tattoo design. They get fish tattoo only because it looks wonderful. Meaning of fish tattoo designs on thigh is good luck. People get a permanent tattoo of fish because they believe that it brings good outcomes and positive coincidence in life.

thigh tattoo designs fish

9.Peacock feather tattoo designs on Thigh

Feathers of peacock seems wonderful on thigh. Girls like colorful feathers, so they drop ink of their design on their thighs, shoulder, foot, and many other places. Peacock feather tattoo symbolizes fortune, good luck, femininity, compassion, love and inner beauty.

peacock feather tattoo designs

10.Star tattoo Designs

Do you want to get rid of your life darkness? It is good to get star tattoos designs on thigh since they symbolizes light in the darkness. Star designs are always for good luck.

star tattoo thigh

11.Flower tattoo Design

Flowers are always like by girls. So, they love to get flower tats. Colorful flower symbolizes beauty and femininity. Rose tattoo is popular since it symbolizes love and affection.

flower and skull tattoo design on thigh

12.Scorpion tattoo designs

If a girl needs a powerful tattoo then she should opt for scorpion tattoo designs. This tattoo is a potent amulets since it wards off sting of scorpion and evil spirits.

scorpio tattoo design

13.Spider Tattoo on Thigh

It is no doubt among very popular tattoos design for girl. Spider tattoo means fertility, balance and harmony. It is believed that balance of life can be attained by getting a spider tattoo.

spider tattoo designs on thigh

14.Bird and music Tattoo

Girls who take good interest in music normally get music symbol tattoo. One of the best tattoo designs on thigh is to get music symbols inside a bird.

bird and music tattoo designs thigh

15. Butterfly Tattoos Girls

Butterfly is among the most popular tattoo choices for girls. Life of butterfly is short, so mostly it symbolizes unstable and superficial aspects of human souls. Other meanings of butterfly tattoo are soul of dead, beauty, and love.

butterfly tattoo designs

Girls who need some stunning tattoo designs on thigh are better able to choose the perfect designs since I have highlighted the best designs with meanings.

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