15 Amazing Brown Eye Makeup Ideas and Tips

Brown eye girls are indeed very blessed because the color of their eyes can easily be flattered with different cosmetic shades range from light grown to black smoky. However, if you are still confused then it is suggested to explore 15 wonderful brown eye makeup ideas and tips.

smokey eye makeup for brown eyes

1.Think about Neutral

In case you need natural look then neutral colors will work for you. Taupes, peaches or even light brown are among the best suited colors for brown eye girls. You are free to choose not only eye shadow but also eyeliner of these neutral colors.

neutral tone brown eyed girlsnatural brown eyes makeup

2.Purple Looks Perfects

If you have brown eyes and you want to make them bigger then you can think about purple eyeliner. It’s good to combine purple eyeliner with metallic shades or purple shades just to make the brown eyes pop. Your eyes will look simply incredible. Purple colors will surely highlights your brown eyes and brings them out.

brown eyes makeup purple eyelinerpurple makeup on brown eyes

3.Mix Shimmer in your Eye-shadow

You can surely define your brown eyes if you mix shimmer up with your eyeshadow. You should pick a shimmer color that matches perfectly with your eyes shades. A little shimmery touch will intensify your eyes look to a great extent.

shimmery brown on brown eyes shimmery makeup for brown eyes

4.Don’t forget about Concealer

It is a fact that many girls forget to apply concealer before starting eyes makeup and thus they won’t be able to get desirable look. Color of eye circle is brown and if you don’t hide these circles then you won’t be able to get neat and clean look of your eyes since eye circle color will affect your overall eye shadow. Always tap some concealer under your eyes and then blend it with light hand. You can also cover up the circles with foundation.

brown eye makeup concealer

5. Think about Deep Plum Eyeliner

Purple is among those colors that goes aesthetically with brown eye makeup. If you have bored from black or brown eye liner then switch to deep plum eyeliner. You can easily bring out your brown eyes with this simple trick.

plum eyeliner for brown eyes

6.Know your color

6.It is quite important for you to know what exactly color of your brown eyes. Is it hazel or dark brown? If you know your iris color then it would be easy for you to pick the best shade for it. An eyeshadow that looks great on dark brown eyes might not work well with hazel.

silver for brown eye makeup idea

7. Apply cobalt Blue

Many eye colors can’t go with cobalt blue but it is brown eyes that can surely pull of this amazing color. No matter you have light brown or dark brown shade, this color will really make eye pop.

blue makeup on brown eyes girls cobalt blue for brown eyed girls blue makeup for brown eyes girls

8. Spread Eggplant for Dramatic Effect

In case you need a really amazing effect for your brown eyes then you need to give a try to eggplant mascara and eyeshadow. You need to apply this shade generously on eyelid and under eyes. You can also replace black mascara with dark purple just to get a monochromatic look.

brown eyes eggplant shadepurple mascara for brown eyes

9.Why not Champagne?

The girls who need super cool brown eye makeup should think about champagne because this eyeshadow color easily blend your brown eyes and thereby offer you a chance to stand out in the crown.

champagne eye makeup for brown eyes

10.A little Mix up

It’s good to play with different eyeshadow color then to rely heavily only on one shade. For example, you can combine bright blue with gold flecks, black mascara with eggplant eyeshadow, and there are many other amazing combinations.

mix color makeup for brown eyes mix makeup for briwn eyes

11.What colors to pick?

When a brown eye girl find it hard which color to choose for her eyes then she only needs to have a close look at color wheel. All colors that are opposite to brown on color wheel can easily draw out the beauty of your browns such as blues, greens, purples, teals, etc.

dark green for brown eyes

12.Try Green for Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes then you can bring it out quickly with green eyeshadow. Wear any tone of green and notice the big difference in your brown eye makeup.

dark green makeup for brown eyes


green makeup for hazel eye color

13.Don’t opt for Yellow

You shouldn’t apply yellow color on your brown eyes since this color draw out yellow of your brown iris and this is what you don’t like.

yellow eye makeup for brown eyes

14.What tone of Pink?

The girls love to wear pink, you can surely go pink with your brown eyes but you must have an idea what tone of pink will be suitable for you.Deeper and brighter pink look terribly amazing on your brown eyes, avoid light pink a little bit.

pink makeupfor brown eyes

dark pink makeup for brown eyes

15.Going for Brown on Brown eyes? Change lip color

Many times, brown eye girls have brown or brownish black hair. If they select brown eyeshadow then they should try to avoid monochromatic look by preferring pink , peach or red lip colors over brown.

brown eyes and brown makeup ideasbrown for brown eyes

I have provided you the best brown eye makeup ideas and tips. Do you have any tip to add? Do you have some special tricks for bringing out the brown eyes? Don’t forget to share with other brown eye babes.


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