12 Stunning Hairstyles of Cara Delevingne, Young Fashion Diva

Young girls always love Cara Delevingne because she is simply perfect from every angle. She has beautiful face, ideal figure and charming personality. She remain on the cover page of fashion Magazine since her young and fresh face simply sizzles every mag. When it comes to Fashion Week and events, Cara Delevingne remains on the front of run-way. Her bushy brows, cute lips and well-sculpted nose make her very magical. We are not going to write about Cara Delevingne’s beauty but our task is to shed light on 10 stunning Cara Delevingne hairstyles that could be your inspiration.

wavy locks of cara delvingne

1. Center Part Hairstyles of Cara Delevingne

In case you don’t know center part hairstyle is among the top fashion hair trends and how is that possible that Cara goes without this trend. If you follow Cara Delevingne Center part hairstyle then you would be simply following latest hair trends of 2014-15.

cara delevingne center part hair

center part hairstyle of Cara delevingne

2. Sleek and Casual Ponytail hairstyle

After center part, another hairstyle that is gaining fame in the fashion industry is ponytail. The girls who want to wear ponytail in different ways should look at ponytail hairstyles of Cara Delevinge. One time she appeared with sleek long ponytail hairstyle and at another time she opted for casual ponytail. Sleek ponytail seems to be the best choice for a formal event. In case you are going to attend your friends party then you need to try casual ponytail of Cara D.

side parted ponytail hairstyle of Cara Delevingnesleek ponytail of cara delevingne

braided ponytail of Cara

3. Braid hairstyles of Cara Delevingne

Cara doesn’t like to opt for casual braid hairstyles. She wears braid with a little personal touch. It seems she doesn’t like to follow a common style as she believes in making her own unique hairstyle. You must have a look at french plait and braided hairstyles of Cara Delevingne as these styles gave her a little fierce look. If you want to see Cara with a soft-touch braid then check her halo braid bun hair. Also note that braid hairstyles are also a big part of hair fashion trends 2014-15.

Cara Delevingne plait hair

halo braid bun hair of cara delevingne

side braided hairstyle Cara Delevingneof


braid and plait hairstyles of cara

4. Stunning Quiff hairstyle

We really love french quiff hairstyle of Cara Delevinge and Rita Ora. Both are looking perfect in this hairstyle. Well, this hairstyle seems complex yet it doesn’t take much time when you have to set it.

quiff hairstyle of Cara delevingneCara Delevingne quiff hairstyles

5. Formal Curly hairstyles

Generally, Cara likes to wear straight casual hair but she doesn’t mind getting formal curls for formal events. Her side swept curly hairstyle made her very magical. The curly locks definitely complement her eyebrows and soft makeup.

side swept wavy hair of Cara delevingne

formasl curly hairstyle of Cara Delevingne

6.Slicked back hairstyles

Cara is an English fashion model who knows how to wear trendy hairstyles of 2014. Slicked back hair is another popular hair trend that would stay longer than you expect, it is said that this hairstyle would also a part of fashion week in 2015. Slicked back hairstyle of Cara Delevingne is as beautiful as she is.

cara delevingne slicked back hair

7. Updo and Bun

Girls who want to look really special on formal event must take a look at elegant coiled updo of Cara Delevingne. She was looking terrific in this neat and clean hairstyle. Hair coils are quite clear and stunning. Another cool updo hairstyle of Cara Delevingne is top knot. Her hairstylist tied her hair up very nicely.

cara delevingne ballerina bun

Cara Delevingne updo hair

top knot hairstyle of Cara Delevingne

8.Short hairstyles of Cara Delevingne

It is good to know that Cara normally wears long hair locks as they suit her. However, she also wears short hair wigs when she has to look stunning on run-way and fashion events. Her faux bob hairstyle was indeed fabulous, it seemed that volume of her hair was boosted with special texture serum.

blonde bob hairstykle of cara

faux bob hairstyle of Cara Delevingne

short bonb hairstyles of Cara

9. Magical Wavy hairstyle

According to fans of Cara Delevingne, Cara looks very pretty in wavy hairstyle. Her beauty enhanced to a great extent with formal and casual wavy hairstyle. Do you agree?

side swept wavy hairstyle Cara delevingneCara delevingne wavy hairstyle

10. Classic hairstyles of Cara Delevingne

Cara is a real beauty not of this age but also of old era. If you need the proof of statement then you should have a look at Cara Delevingne 1950s and 1960s inspired hairstyles. Do you like her old age look?

classic old hairstyle of Cara delevingne

Cara Delevingne classsic hairstyles


11. Fringe hairstyles

Cara was looking very cute when she wore fringe hairstyle. Her sleek and straight long hair with straight medium size fringe enhanced her beauty. Girls who need a really cute hairstyle idea should follow foot print of Cara Delevingne.

fringe hairstyles of Cara Delevingne

fringe hairstyles of cara delevingne

12. Long Layered Bangs

Last but not the least; long layered bang hairstyle of Cara simply made her look very stunning. She didn’t get sharp look with razor-cut bangs but she kept things simple with scissor-cut bangs.

long layered bangs of cara delevingne

After exploring these 12 really cool Cara Delevingne hairstyles, you are in a position to pick one hairstyle that you would love to get for yourself.



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