10 Fabulous Modern Colorful Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom is a place where we often go to relax our mind and body. We wake up early in the morning, wash our mouth and body. It is indeed the first place where we have to spend our routine time. The decoration of this room should be done in a classy and aesthetic way. These days, modern colorful bathroom is high in demand. Colored bath look very fascinating and attractive. If you want to change complete theme of your bath then you should add some colors into it. Now I would like to shed light on 10 amazing modern colorful bathroom ideas for you. Explore these ideas and pick the best for you.

1.Ruby Red Bathroom Seems Attractive

Normally, people don’t like to pick red for their bathroom but once you have a look at below pictures, you would like to change your mind. Without any doubt, people will feel great attraction toward red bathroom since it is wonderful and classy. You need to add a little white color into your red bathroom theme. For example, make bath shelf with red marble but always use white bath sinks since they compliment perfectly red marble shelves. When it comes to mirror of bath, you can opt for simple round or square shapes. As theme of modern colorful bathroom is red, so you need to opt for red bath tiles, floor tiles and red ceiling. Once base of bathroom is red, you can make the real difference by getting white bathroom accessories such as sink, shelves, toilet, bath tub, etc.

red bathroom modern ideasred bath sink stylered modern bath stylered and white bathroom modern style

2.Blue is standard and easy-to-apply

Commonly, people have blue theme in their bath. If you want to pick this color for your bathroom as the main scheme then it is advisable to pick new blue shades such as teal, bondi blue and zinc instead of normal blue. In this way, you would be able to decorate the bathroom with a classy touch. You don’t need to opt for completely blue bathroom, you surely have to make a little combination. Mostly, people choose white since it is very easy to find white shade bath tubs, sinks, toilet and other things. However, your main concentration should be on blue shades, your bath should look more bluish than whitish.

blue modern bathroom ideasblue and white bathroom ideasBondi Blue and white modern bath style

3. Yellow and Sky Combo looks unique

Another amazing modern colorful bathroom idea is to combine yellow with sky blue. Half blue and half yellow bath will look like a beautiful ocean. When you are going to choose yellow shade, you should be careful.Never opt for bright yellow because your bathroom will not look attractive with this shade. Try to select soft yellow shade with soft blue tone.  As you can can see in the image, check pattern bath tiles have been used to bring out the real beauty of modern bath. You can easily find this pattern tiles, if you want to intensify the look of your bath.

yellow and sky blue modern bathroom

4. Dark green Bath always Grabs attention

In case you need a new color for your bathroom then you should opt for jade and beaver combo. The only problem with this shade is that, you have to make an order of bath tub and other bathroom accessories since you can’t get this color over-the-counter. That’s mean you have to bear extra cost. But once you have this modern colorful bathroom then you would love to spend your time here. You will feel relax in jade shade bath tub.

dark green modern bathroom

5.Pure White Bathroom is Soothing and Classic

Don’t need bright color bathroom? Then the best idea you can try for you bath is pure white. There is no need to add any color into white just keep the things simple. Every inch of your bathroom should have white such as bath tub, sinks, toilet, tiles, windows and other things. If you want to give a modern touch to your white bathroom then you can also buy white chair and glass table for the decor of a corner.

white bathroom style pure white modern bath ideas

6.Mauve and Purple Modern Bathroom is appealing

Mauve is my favorite shade. Your bathroom would look aesthetically amazing, if you try this theme. When it comes to the tiles of your bathroom, you will have two option: pattern or plain. Plain tiles look great only when you add some other color tiles or setting in it. On the other hand, you should opt for cross, zic-zac , check, geometric, floral or others.  Just like other modern colorful bathroom ideas, you should try to add a little white into your color theme bath. Reason is the same, you can easily buy white bathroom accessories. If you need colored sink, bathtub, cabinets or other things then you must have to spend a little extra.

purple bathroom ideaspurple and offwhite modern bath ideaspurple and white bathroom ideas

7.Black is bold and contemporary

Black modern bathroom looks very beautiful. Normally, you see black theme bathroom in high-budget Hollywood movies. Nevertheless, you can copycat this theme into your room. Don’t opt for patterned tiles, try clear and plain black tiles since they always look wonderful. You must have black bath shelves, cabinets, floor, ceiling and walls.Another color that you can mix up with black is none other than pure white.

black modern bathroomblack and white modern bathroom ideas

8.Orange Draws out beauty of Bath

The people who don’t need white touch in their modern colorful bathroom theme would love this idea. Try black and orange, it is different and mind blowing. People hardly think about this combination but trust me it will work for you. You need to get plain black cabinets and sink having orange floral geometrical pattern in it. Opt for transparent orange glass bath tub and place a dark orange stool next to it. You can keep your soap, towel, body shower and other things on the stools and then pick it comfortably whenever you need them.

orange bathroom ideas

9. Lime Green Bathroom Seems Fabulous

Some people think that bright color add darkness into the bathroom, so they opt for light color. I also have light modern colorful bathroom idea for you. It is suggested to give a try to lime green and white bath. This idea is simply beautiful. You need to get white tiles for walls while painting one section of wall with lime green shade. Even the floor should have lime green plain tiles. Other things could have more white than lime green but this little touch of lime will make the big difference in your bathroom beauty.

lime green bathroom modern

10. Plum Modern Bath is sophisticated

It is one of the best modern colorful bathroom ideas. Only daring people can give it a good try. This idea is best for girl’s bathroom because pink is associated with girls. You can paint the wall with plum pink shade and adore the wall beauty with white tiles having pink floral pattern. You can easily get plum cabinets, bath tubs, sinks and other bathroom accessories. However, you must have to mix some white with plum; just to smooth the complete bathroom theme. Get white floor and bathroom curtains. Other ways to add white into plum modern bath is to get white chair, table, toilet or sink.

plum and white modern bathroomplum modern bathroom styles shocking pink and white modern bathroom ideas

These are only some modern colorful bathroom design ideas, in reality you can try tons of combination. No matter what color you pick for the bathroom, you should try to apply it in the right way. Don’t overpower a color into your bathroom,always add a little mix of other colors. White always look great with other colors. Your task is to select one main color and then to add one or two secondary color. Two-third portion of your bathroom must have main color while one third portion could have secondary color. You can also opt for fifty fifty ratio of both colors.

Now don’t wait anymore, go and try any of these modern bath ideas.


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