12 Exclusive Rihanna Short hairstyles

Summer is its peak level and it’s indeed the right time to get a short haircut. It is a fact that when you are going to get short hairstyle, you get confuse what hairstyle would be suitable for you. You think a lot about facial features, face cut , complexion and other things. According to my viewpoint, if you think a lot you won’t be able to pick the best hairstyle for yourself. It is suggested to get inspiration from top celebrities who are considered as Fashion Divas such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and many others. Interestingly, music and fashion Diva Rihanna gives you a wide variety of short hairstyles to choose from. She got dozen of short haircut and no doubt, every haircut enhances her black beauty to a great extent. In case your face cut and complexion somehow similar to Rihanna then you can surely opt any of Rihanna Short hairstyles. Though she has gotten different short haircut but I would like to shed light on 12 famous short hairstyles of RiRi.

short black bob hairstyle of Rihanna

1.Pixie is a Signature Hairstyle of Rihanna

In case you have short hair and want to get a bold look then no doubt pixie could be the best option for you. It is Rihanna who will guide you how to diversify a pixie short hairstyle. Sometimes she appeared with red hot pixie while other times she had blonde pixie with some color highlights. She never mind getting a pixie in her natural black hair.

Rihanna red pixie hairstylesrihanna black pixie haircutred short pixie hairstyle of Rihanna

2. Quiff Seems Startling on RiRi

Quiff is one of the famous short hairstyle of Rihanna. When this music artist appeared with blonde quiff then tons of her fans followed her route, even her female competitors loved this hairstyle and they copycat it. But fact is that quiff looked simply  wonderful on RiRi. The wavy strands of quiff were highly boosting up her personality’s impact.

blonde quiff of rihannablack and blonde quiff of Rihannaquiff hairstyle of Rihanna

3. Rihanna Mohawk hairstyle

One thing you will always note that singers must opt for mohawk hairstyle. Some artists get the short mohawk while other rock with long one. Rihanna also got mohawk hairstyle. One time she amazed the fan with black and blonde mohawk while another she only focused on dark black startling mohawk haircut.

Rihanna hair mohawkRihanna black and blonde mohawk hairstylebackview of mohawk hairstyle Rihanna

4.Rihanna Fringe Hairstyle

Generally, girls like to get straight and sleek hair fringe but it is Rihanna who gave a twist into fringe hairstyle by coming up with tousled wavy fringe hairstyle. It is the popular messy short hairstyle of RiRi. She usually gets blonde highlight in black color. If you have short hair then you can surely get the straight forehead fringe but don’t forget to follow rihanna by making a short ponytail with rest of your hair. It is simply one of the trendy Rihanna short hairstyles.

rihanna curly tousled fringetousled wavy fringe hairstyle of RihannaRihanna long fringe and ponytail

5. Sleek and Stylish Retro Quiff of Rihanna

In case you are looking for formal yet unique hairstyle from Rihanna fashion magazine then you need to opt for stylish retro quiff. Usually, RiRi got such hairstyle for some big events.

Rihanna retro quiff hairstyle

6.Rihanna’s Classic Louise Brook Bob haircut

Many times you see Rihanna with hairstyle of 1970s and 80s. No matter which era’s hairstyle she picks for herself, she look simply elegant with it. Rihanna won the touch the heart of her male fans when she got classic Louise Brook Bob. This bob hairstyle add cuteness factor into her personality.

louise brooks bob hairstyle of rihanna

7. Rihanna’s 15th Century hairstyle: Highly Sculpted

One of the best Rihanna Short hairstyles is highly sculpted that belonged to 15th and 16th century; at that time women used tool to sculpt the hair to a high degree. RiRi loves classic haircut, so she often appears with old eras hairstyles.

highly sculpted hairstyle of Rihanna

8.Short Curly hairstyle of Rihanna

In case you need to attend some special party then you should follow short curly wavy hairstyle of this black beauty. Usually girl think that curls look wonderful in long hair but it is RiRi who convince you that curls look more fascinating in short hair than long one. no doubt, it is among the best Rihanna short hairstyles.

short curly hairstyle of Rihanna

9. Salt n Pepa hairstyle of Rihanna

Another classic short hairstyle of RiRi is Salt n Pepa circa’s 87. This short hairstyle is quite different but look really great. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it is quite easy to carry. You don’t need to do a lot of work hair setting. Just you need to get short haircut inspired from American Hip Hop Trio, apply a little gel and comb your hair. In this way, you will be ready with a wonderful bold look.

salt n pepa rihanna hairstyles

10. RiRi Regal Retro Updo

Making an updo in short hair is somehow tricky task but it is Rihanna short hairstyles from where you can get an idea how to do this tricky task effortlessly. I think you need to check Regal Retro updo of Rihanna. Hairstylist use curling iron to give a fascinating finish to hair.

regal retro updo hairstyle Rihanna

11.Chopped Shaggy Hairstyle of Rihanna

Another common short hairstyle of RiRi is chopped shaggy. Her hairstylist likes to use razor just to make a choppy shaggy fringe that covers forehead and eyes of pop singer. Edgy sharp shaggy fringe definitely intensifies grace and charm of RiRi.

choppy shaggy hairstyle of Rihannachopped shaggy hairstyle rihanna

12. Perfect Bowl Hair Cut of Rihanna

Bowl cut is a haircut suitable for little girls and boys but Rihanna doesn’t mind getting this haircut in her young age. She appeared with perfect round bowl cut and told the world she had courage to carry any short hairstyle.

bowl cut hairstyle of ririI have given an idea of  12 Rihanna Short hairstyles. Now it’s up to you to pick one rihanna hair style that seems perfect to you. You can not only follow her haircut but also hair color since RiRi always pick the trendy colors for her hairstyling.



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