12 Cool Ideas of Temporary Tattoo for Kids

Kids love to do some kind of fun with art and style. They want to look cool always, therefore many of them like to get tattoo. A real tattoo is indeed not suitable for kids but it doesn’t mean that you have to keep your kids away from a thing that they would love always. You have to opt for its alternative that comes in the form of temporary tattoo for kids. These tattoos are affordable and you can either buy them or get help of a tattooist. During festival seasons, we normally find the stalls of tattooist who are ready to give your kids “real happiness” with different kinds of temporary tattoo designs. So, you can make your kids happy with these tats in an instant way. During off-season, you can buy some ready-to-paint temporary tattoos that are available both online and at brick-and-mortar stores. Let’s some cool ideas of temporary tattoo for kids.

tempory tattoo designs kids

6 Amazing Temporary Tattoo ideas for Little Girls

A few tattoos look good on all kids but some tats are specific for girls. You can see 6 different tattoo designs for girls.

1.Glitter Star

Little girls look lovely with small and big star temporary tattoos. Interestingly, you can find glitter filled little star tattoo and decals these days. Go and try them.

glittery star tattoos for girls

2.Multiple tattoos

Some kids are quite crazy about tattoos. they want to portray different things on their body, so if your kid is like that then you need to get many little temporary tattoo for her.

different ideas of kids tattoo

3.Shiny Mermaid Tattoos

Little girls often inspires from beauty and kind-heart of mermaid, so they like to get temporary mermaid tattoo. It is indeed one of the coolest ideas of temporary tattoo for kids.

mermaid tatto for girl

4.Flower Tattoo

Girls have a close connection with flowers because both represent love and beauty. Therefore, it is indeed a great idea to drop colorful ink of temporary flower tattoo on arm of your little sweetheart.

flower glittery tattoo for girls

5.Birthday Style tattoo

On her birthday, she would love to get ice cream, birthday cap and heart tattoo on her arm. It is among the heart-touching ideas of temporary tattoo for kids, indeed.

birthday tattoo design

6.Hello Kitty and Fairy Tattoo

Fairy is an inspirational character of fascinating world where little girls love to live. So, one of the best ideas of temporary tattoo for kids is to get fairy tattoo. Another idea that you can try is Hello kitty tattoo since girls also love this character.

hello kitty and fairy tattoo girls

6 Wonderful Ideas of Temporary Tattoo for little Boys

Temporary tattoo of boy is usually different from the little girls because they think in a very different way. Let’s have a look at 6 cool ideas.

1.Love Tattoo

Little boys are very flirty, so they love to drop colorful ink of Love temporary tattoo on their arm. They get this ink and then show it to their favorite teacher and girl. It is very sweet yet flirty idea of temporary tattoo for boys.

glitter love tattoo for boy

2.Animal Tattoo for kids

Boys take good interest in animals such as tiger, lion, monkey, gorilla, etc. So, the best idea to try for them is animal temporary tats.

animal tattoos for kids

3.Wrist watch Tattoos

We all know that boys like to wear wrist watch even when they are just a kid. Instead of buying them a watch, you can add some fun into their wrist with temporary watch tattoos.

wrist watch tattoos for boys

4.Attitude and Personality Tattoo

There are many little boys who want to get a temporary tattoo that represent their personality and attitude in the best way. Therefore, they normally reach for “I’m what I’m” “I’m the best” , I’m one of a kind”, “I’m a limited edition”, and similar kinds of tattoos.

i am one of a kind tattoo kids

5.Dragon tattoos

Some little guys think that they are very powerful and strong. Thus, they give a preference to dragon temporary tattoos.

kids dragon tattoo

6.Bad Boy Tattoo

Does your little boy consider himself a bad boy? I think the best temporary tattoo for him will be a bad boy expression.

kids dragon tattoo

I’m sure you would like to try any of these ideas of temporary tattoos for kids just to see an unforgettable smile on the face of your little girl or boy.


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