11 Products that Damage your Face completely

Before you apply anything on your face, you should have complete idea whether a particular product is harmless for it or not. Today, I’m here to unlock a list of 11 products that Damage your face, so you need to avoid them at any cost.

1.Hair Spray

Many women hear that they can set their makeup for long term, if they use hair spray. Well, it is not a good idea indeed. You should never apply hair spray on your face. A hair spray comprises of lacquers and alcohol that do nothing but dry your skin. Your skin looks older due to dehydration. In addition, your skin may look red or bumpy due to repellents that may time react with skin.

hair spray on face never

2. Deodorant

Some women apply deodorant on face with a hope of keeping your makeup melting down your face. No doubt, a deodorant is very effective for underarm because it avoid absorption of sweat into your shirt. But it never swipe over your facial sweat. Your skin needs air and be able to breathe but when you apply deodorant you create a layer that stops oxygen passage. Instead of applying deodorant, you need to try some summer makeup tricks.

deodorant on face never

3. Hair dye

Many girls do a common mistake, they dye not only their hair but also their eyebrows; only to grab perfect matching look. Well, the result of this mistake is very dangerous. Box dye formulas are very harsh, so they can cause skin or eye irritation. Even your eyes can burn up. In case you need matching effect, then you should apply tinted mascara or a vegetable-based colorant on your brows.

don't dye bow with box color dye

4. Vegetable Shortening

This is normally applied on body skin during a treatment of psoriasis but it will cause damage to your skin if you apply it on your face. Your facial pores may clog, so be careful.

don't apply vegetable shortening on face

5. Shampoo

No doubt, shampoo remove excess oil and dirt from your scalp but it is not designed for the face. You can’t cleanse your face with it. Shampoos are designed to clean your hair follicle units and they are not made for cleaning the soft molecules of your face.So you should avoid shampoo products that damage your face.

don't use shampoo on face


5. Hair Serum

Some girls apply hair serum on their face because the product has a word “serum” on the label and they are doing it all wrong. Your skin can handle serum but not of all kinds. A serum that is designed for hair won’t be effective for skin. Reason is that hair serum is created for hair shafts while you can treat fine lines, wrinkles and other similar things with the skin serum. Hair serum usually have fragrances, so it will cause facial skin irritation. So, you need to avoid such products that damage your face.

don't apply hair serum on face

7. Body Lotion

When we get a body moisturizer then we don’t mind applying this moisturizer on our skin; we never know we have taken a wrong path. This moisturizer is very thick for skin and it contains fragrances and both things can damage our skin. So, you should buy skin lotion for dealing with skin issues.

never apply body lotion on face

8. Foot creams

Girls who have common sense won’t like to apply foot creams on their face. However, if you have made this mistake then don’t repeat it. You can’t handle dry tiny patches of skin with foot creams. There is no need to apply foot scrubs on your skin because they are designed for breaking down the thick calluses of your feet. Some foot creams have high percentage of chemical exfoliants that would be dangerous for smooth skin tone.

never apply foot cream on face

9.Home Vinegar

You can use acetic acid or vinegar on your skin but only as a toner. There is no need to go to your kitchen for grabbing a vinegar bottle because this vinegar will cause more bad than good. Vinegar can lose water with the passage of time and it becomes very strong. So, when you apply it on your skin and leave it for some time then it may burn your skin because you don’t know how long vinegar will take to lose water. So, don’t kitchen vinegar products that damage your face.

don't apply vinegar on face

10.Nail polish

Sometimes you need to look simply wonderful at Halloween, theme party or costume party, so you don’t mind changing your look with nail polish. Well, if you do this then you would be doing something really bad for your face. Nail polish is designed for skin and it contains acrylic molecules that will surely damage your skin. So, you should never avoid nail polish products that damage your face a lot.

don't apply polish on face

11. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is an important ingredient of many DIY hair masks because it hydrates your hair a lot. However, it is not suggested to apply mayonnaise on your face because it can clog pores and stop oxygen passage to the skin because it is acidic and occlusive. So, be gentle to your face and don’t apply such products that damage your face.

don't apply mayonnaise on face

In simple words, you should avoid application of nail, body, hair or foot products on your face. Cosmetic manufacturers design products such as creams, lotion, gels , serums, etc separately for each body part. A product that is good for your hair ,doesn’t mean it will be perfect for your face. Your face is very sensitive, so you should pick its products very carefully. Apply above-mentioned 11 products that damage your face and get smooth skin.

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