10 Trendy Hairstyle Inspiration Taken from Beyonce Hairstyles

Are you planning to change your hairstyle? I think it’s time to wait and watch the hairstyle inspiration taken directly from beautiful and glamorous Beyonce. This stylish girl has not only the lovely voice but also wonderful hair. Just like other celebrities, she always change her style from time to time. If one time she appears with wavy hairstyle then other time she brings curly long hair for grabbing her fans’ attention. Boys like her body, voice and style and girl never miss a chance to copycat Beyonce hairstyles. Today, I’m here with 10 trendy hairstyles taken from fashion Diva i.e. Beyonce.

beyonce 2014 hairstyles

1.Formal Updos for  Special Occasion

Want to catch every guest attention at your special party? I think you should consider formal updos of Beyonce. She hardly appers with messy updos, it seems that she like to organize her life, career and hairstyling. When it comes to Beyonce hair updos, I think you should have a look at beyonce formal braid and sleek updos. Both updo looks elegant and perfect from every angle, no doubt.

beyonce hair bunbeyonce curly updos

2. Wavy hair for Flirty Look

Do you like to get instant attention from a hot guy? I think it would be possible when you get wavy flirty locks like Beyonce. Sometimes, she appear with long waves while other time she amazes us with short or medium waves. No matter, how long your hair is you can follow this one of the best Beyonce hairstyles.

side swept wavy hair medium wavy hairstyle of beyonce

3.Blonde and Black Spiral Hairstyling

This hairstyle of Beyonce became extremely popular among her fans as soon as she appeared with it. This hairstyle made her very stylish and fashionable in the eyes of other celebrities and girls.She gave every girl a new way of styling blonde and black hair. So, if you are looking for a simple yet trendy celebrity hairstyle then you need to consider this hairstyle.
black and blonde spiral hairstyle beyonce

4. Beyonce Chic Braid Ponytail

We make three strand braid ponytail many times but if you want to make this braid in an amazingly chic way then you have to check Beyonce hairstyles. This celebrity will give you a chance to find the best way of turning simple three strand braid into a very extraordinary one.

simple braided hairstyle of beyonce

5. Formal Curls for Hot Look

Every girl want to look sexy and hot and if you want the same then you should have a look at formal curls of Beyonce. Interestingly, you can find many varieties of curls, if you dig into Beyonce curly hairstyles. Usually, she appears with formal spiral curls but she doesn’t mind to look different with loose curls.

formal curls of beyoncebeyonce loose curly hair


6. Look Different with Suicide Roll

It is a fact that celebrities belong to music industry are indeed daring. They can try any kind of bold hairstyle without any hesitation. RiRi wears Mohawk hairstyle, Miley Cyrus doesn’t mind getting a faux hawk, and we have tons of examples. Same is true about Beyonce, she also appeared with a very different yet stylish retro or suicide roll hairstyle.

beyonce retro hairstyles beyonce suicide roll hairstyle

7. Side Swept Hairstyle of Beyonce

No matter you have wavy or curly hair, you are able to look very stylish if you follow a very cool hairstyle of Beyonce i.e. Side Swept. This hairstyle adds extra charm and beauty into your personality.

side swept hairstyle of Beyonce

8. Half up and Half Down hairstyle

It is indeed one of the best Beyonce hairstyles that any girl with long hair can try. Your task is to divide hair into two portion. One up and another down. You have to do backcombing in the front hair section and then fix them into their position by using bobby pins. After that you have to brush your down and let them fly in the air.

beyonce half up and half down hairstyles

9. Very Short Hairstyle Inspiration from Beyonce

The girls who have short hair can surely get inspiration from the Beyonce short hairstyles. Wavy short hair of Beyonce is very easy to make and maintain. If you need the same glossy look as Beyonce has then you have to apply shiny serum or gel before turning your straight hair into wavy locks.

very short hairstyle of beyonce

10. Beyonce with Bangs

Bangs with straight hair is among the coolest Beyonce hairstyles. She look simply amazing in this hairstyle. You can opt for short or long hair bangs depending on your forehead space. Girls with wide forehead can follow Beyonce hairstyling as it is. However, if you have a small forehead then you need to get a small fringe.

beyonce with bangs hairbeyonce fringe hairstyles

No doubt, these 10 hairstyles of Beyonce are superb. Interestingly, every girl can take inspiration from her hairstyle no matter she has long, short or medium hair.

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