10 Trendy Braid and Plait hairstyles inspired from Top Celebrity

Girls who want to look stylish and trendy side by side must have a look at the list of 10 best braid and plait hairstyles inspired from top celebrity. These particular hairstyles make your ordinary look extra-ordinary very quickly. You can try these hairstyles at your big day or some special event. Let’s uncover this list.

1.Megan Fox with Bumper Braid

We love Megan in every hairstyle but she impressed us with her simple, sleek and very neat bumper braid. After parting the hair on up, she made a very nice-looking simple yet trendy braid from the down part of her hair.

megan fox hairstyles 2014


2.Rita Ora with Faux hawk style braid

Rita doesn’t mind changing her look and hairstyle. If you want to look the best braid and plait hairstyles then you should look her amazing faux hawk and braid comb. She knows how to add an extra magnetic edge to her faux hawk hairstyle with a side braid. So, girls who want to look simply cool like Rita must try this amazing combo.

faux hawk and braid hairstyle rita ora

3.Rita Ora with Badass braids

If you have enough time to get ready for a special event then you can simply change your entire look and style with this specific Badass hairstyle of Rita Ora. She wore this style in a very new and trendy manner. Do you agree with me.

rita ora badass braid hairstyle

4.Bella Thorne with halo braid

Young girls love to follow hairstyles of Bella Thorne. When it comes to some trendy braid and plait hairstyles then Bella gives us a unique idea. She appeared at the Spring Breakers premiere with an intricate updo that is adorned with some halo braid woven with ribbons. This was her amazing hairstyle on red carpet.

bella thorne hairstyle

5.Tess Daly with headband braid

Festival season is coming soon, so if you want to look super trendy then you should opt for a headband braid. This particular hairstyle looks simply perfect, no matter which event you are heading to. Would you like to try this casual hairstyle?

tess daly braid and hairstyle

6.Nicole Richie with stylish braid

During Paris Fashion Week,  Nicole Richie showed us that the trend of braid and plaits would never be discontinued. She braided her hair with into boho and fishtail braidno doubt, she choose a perfect hairstyle for herself.

nicole richie fishtail braid

7. Alicia Keys’s Textured plaits

Alicia normally appears with chic plaits at special events. She increased her beauty and grace by setting her plaits low and flicked them to the side where hairs are messy and textured at the top.

alicia keys plait hairstyles

8.Liv Tyler with Spine-like Plaits

Liv gave us a clear example of  new trend of braid and plait hairstyles for winter and autumn 2014 and that is extreme side-parting. More and more celebrities have turning toward this trend this year. Liv rock her side parting with spine-like plaits.

liv tyler plaits hairstyles

9.Uma Thurman’s Loose Plaits

Uma tells us how to wear plaits in a care-free style. She gave her plaits a surfer style finish by permitting her natural waves to go out before packing the hair into a low ponytail. Her loose plait ponytail hairstyle looks fabulous with her gold silk skirt.

uma thurman plaits hairstyle

10.Liz Mclarnon’s fishtail

Last year, trend of fishtail braid and plait hairstyles touched the peak level but many celebs and A-listers didn’t want to give up on this particular braid. This year, Liz uses two strands to intertwine together instead of three just to offer us a new style of making fishtail.

liz mclaron celebrity hairstylesAfter exploring these braid and plait hairstyles inspired from A-list celebrity, you would love to emulate these hairstyles for yourself.

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