10 Smart Makeup Tricks to Draw out the Beauty of Tired Eyes

We all know that our eyes are windows to your soul but you also keep in mind that they are key to your sparkling and healthy look. Sometimes, you are tired but you need to attend a special party. In this situation, you need to know some smart and speedy makeup tricks with which you can easily draw out the beauty of your tired eyes. I have 10 clever tricks of eye makeup for you, so let’s read the details of these tricks.

1. Eliminate Swelling with Ice Packs

When you tire then you notice swelling on your eyes. It seems that your eyes actually sing. When you look in the mirror, then you realize that it would be hard for you to cover the puffiness of your eyes with the concealer. At this stage, you can opt for one simple trick, go and get ice packs. You can easily take swelling of eyes down with a bag of ice wrapped in a cloth. Another solution that is also handy is to apply a cooling mask that is available OTC.

eyes swelling and ice packs

2. Curl your Lashes

When you are tired then you feel that your eyes are closing and getting smaller. In order to get a beautiful open eye look, you need to curl your eyelashes. You can use an eyelash curler for getting a stunning eye look. However, if you don’t have a curler then you need to opt for homemade curler. Well, you have to get a spoon from your kitchen, rinse it with warm water just to transfer a little heat into it and then you have to dry it. Now make sure that it is neither too hot nor too cold.Now place the edge of spoon on the top of your lashes and keep your thumb directly below it. Now you need to gently put the pressure up on your lashes with the mean of your thumb, your task is to give your lashes a nice lift.

curl your lashes

3. Apply White Eyeliner

In order to open your eyes up, you have to apply white eyeliner inside your lower eyelid. You will get an instant and bright eye boost. It is one the simplest yet the most effective makeup tricks for tired eyes.

white eyeliner for bright eyes

4. Cover Your under eye circle

In order to brighten your eyes you must have to cover dark circles because they are responsible for making your eyes look very small and dull. The purple or brown tones under eye circles should be covered with the one light concealer. You need to even up this area with a smooth blend.

under eye circle cover with concealer

5. Double Mascara Touch

Another trick for hung-over eyes is to apply mascara of two different shades instead of one. Usually, we pick black eye mascara all over but you can try brown eye mascara on your lower lashes and apply black glossy mascara on the top. In this way, you can get elongated, big and bright lashes.

apply black and brown eyeliner

6. Center kohl Trick

No doubt, it is one the chicest makeup tricks for making the peepers up. Your task is to pick a smudgy kohl and draw a fine tight line from center to outer corner of eyes, now thicken up slightly from the edge while keeping the line thin in the middle. You have to make this line on top and bottom lashes and then apply a coat of mascara. You will see a big improvement into your tired eyes.

kohl on eyes

7. Add Some Light into Eyes

Here I am talking about highlighter. You can get instant luminous eyes if you apply highlighter in three key sports of your eyes. First of all you have to tap it on center of your lids, then around tear ducts and at the end you have to dab it below the brows. In case you don’t have a highlight then you can use a balm or more. You would grab dewy effect, when you apply a little balm or oil in such areas. If you want to get an idea how to apply highlight on eyes and other facial features then you should check the below image as a guidance.

where to apply highlighter

8. Brushing up your Brows

It happens many times that we concentrate a lot on eyes and forget all about brows. Now I’m going to share one of the quickest makeup tricks that will make your eyes pop in only two seconds. You don’t know but brushing your brows up change the complete look of your eyes and face. If you brush them with dried mascara brush or brow brush then you will get cleaner and more eyelid space.

brush your brows makeup tips

9. Vibrant Blue Eyeliner

We all know that model choose blue-toned lipsticks for white teeth. So,if you replace your black eyeliner with vibrant blue eyeliner then you would be able to bright the whites of your eyes. The sparkling and healthy effect can instantly be achieved with this simple trick.

vibran blue eyeliner

10.Amp up your Eyeshadows color

When you are going to apply a shimmering eyeshadow then you can amplify your eyeshadow color by using warm and damp brush. A little water in this shade makes it intense and its pigment will be prominent. It helps you bright up your tired eyes as quickly as you can.

intense glittery eyes

There is no need to look tired at any important event of your life, you can easily deal with tired or hung-over eyes with the mean of these 10 very smart makeup tricks. These tricks will make your eye pop effortlessly, so don’t forget to follow them when you are tired but need bright and dewy eye look.

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