10 Romantic Bathroom Decor ideas with Scented Candle Lights

We often opt for candle light dinner with our life partners because it is indeed a romantic idea to try with. However, we can also try scented candle light decoration in our bathroom. When you use candles for the decor of bathroom its beauty enhances to a great extent. The whole atmosphere of this room changed. You feel that you have entered into a fascinating room where you can enjoy a relaxing and romantic bath. Let’s grab 10 very amazing romantic bathroom decor ideas.

1. Simple yet Soothing

If you don’t like to add a lot of scented candles in the bathroom then you can place four different size candle in one plate and place them next to your bath tub. Don’t forget to get a fully scented environment by dropping rose petals in the bath tub water.

simple bathroom decoration with candles2.Decorate sides of bath tub

If you have an oval or round bath tub then you can decorate the whole circle or oval area of this tub by setting small white or red scented candle lights with a little distance.latest bathroom decor with scented candles3. Place candles on Shelves

Do you have shelves in your bathroom? If yes, then you can try one of this best bathroom decor ideas with scented candles. You need to place small candles in every single shelf of your bath. Turn off the light and whole bathroom will be illuminated romantically by candles.

romantic bathroom decor4. Set Less yet Big Candles

It is another amazing idea of bathroom decor. Instead of placing too many candles ( that might be a hurdle for you) , you need to place big and large candle alongside of a bathtub. You would be able to get same magical effect that many small candles offer.

candles light bathroom 5. Setting Candles on Sink

It is one of the cool ideas of bathroom decoration. People avoid to place candles around the tub because these might be dropped through an accidental hit. If you need a candle light bathroom then you can set the candles at some other places. For example, you can set candles on sink shelf.

bathroom decoration candles6. Candle, Candle Everywhere

For full magical and romantic touch, you need to decorate every single corner of your bathroom with varied size candles. Place big ones on a side shelf of a bathtub while decorate the side areas of tub with small cute red or white colored scented candles.candles decor for bathroom7. Luxury Candles for Permanent Decor

If you need a permanent romantic bathroom then you should pick luxury candle lights instead of standard one. These candle lights are expensive but you can refill them easily.

candle in bathroom8. Set Candles on Stand or Table

Don’t want to set cables on floor? Then you need to buy some candle stands. This is one of the best bathroom decor ideas when your bathtub is positioned high from your floor. Floor decoration with candles will not work in this situation. You surely need to get some stands. You can also place a side table where you can set scented candles easily.candles on side table bathroom9. Small Candle Settings

If you don’t have spare area around your bath tubs and you want to illuminate your bathroom with romantic touch then you should spread small candles on sink and small shelves.

bathroom decoration candles10. Candles on Bathtub and Side table

If you have a big bath tub then it wouldn’t be economical and appealing to decorate every little side of it. So, you need to place two candles next to your bathroom decoration candlesFinally you have explored some cool bathroom decor ideas with candle lights. There is no need to try these ideas only on Valentine’s day, you can try them on some other day as well.

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