10 Popular Design ideas for Name tattoos

Do you want to show your love and affection for your loved ones?The best way to do this to opt for name tattoos. You are free to drop ink with their names on your wrist, ankle,back, shoulder or any other place of your choices. The basic purpose of getting a name tattoo is to demonstrate your true love and passion for someone that is really special to you; that could be your life partner, your mother, your friend, your boyfriend/girl friend, literally any person. Before you get a name tattoo, it would be better for you to explore some best design ideas for name tattoos. Let’s start discovery of the best designs.

cool name tattoos ashley and dane

1.Make a Butterfly with name

Usually, when a guy opts for his life partner or girl friend name then they make a butterfly close to her name. It is indeed a great idea. Though black and white butterfly tattoo looks great with a name but if you add some colors into name or butterfly then name tattoo would shine, definitely.

butterfly tattoos girls

butterfly with name tattoos

lila tattoo design

2.Get some stars with name tattoo

Another way to sparkle your loved one’s name tattoo design is to get some stars. Generally, people opt for shooting stars as they symbolize good luck. You can also try this idea, if you like.

star tattoos for girls

star tattoos

3.Heart and name tattoos

Though it is a common way of getting a name tattoo design but it is fantastic, indeed. Lovers usually make red heart tattoo next to their names because they want to tell the world not only that they have fallen in love but also the name of that person.

daniel name tattoo with heart

heart and name tattoosname and heart tattoos

chritian name tattoo design

4.Date along with name tattoo design

Sometimes, people get name tattoo of their loved one such as mother, father, sister, etc along with a date that is somehow special to them. It could be a birthday date or a death date. So, it is a memorial name tattoo design idea. Sometimes, a boy friend gets her girl friend name tattoo with a date when he proposes her. So, it is another great idea for name tattoos that you would like to try.

heart tattoo design

name tattoo design for girls

5.Rose with a name tattoo

Add some beauty to your name tattoo design with a colorful rose tattoo. Making a combo of rose with your loved one name is definitely a good idea. When it comes to color of rose then you have many different options to choose from. Red rose symbolizes love while meanings of other rose tattoo is different. So, it is better for you to first know what the meanings of rose tattoos before you select a particular rose to accompany with your name tattoos.

rose and name tattoo ideas
sara name tattoo design

rose tattoo design on neck

6.Name tattoo and bird

Another great idea for name tattoos design is to get a flying bird tattoo. The two common birds used in tattoo industry are hummingbird and dove and their meanings are quite different. You should first discover meanings of these tattoos before you get their tats next to your name or name of a person who is special to you.

dove and name tattoo designdove and name tattoo design

dove and name tattoo designbird tattoos

7.Name tattoos with crown

Crown tattoo design means self control, power and authority. If a person takes crown with another person name then it means he has full control on other person’s personality and life. It is a good idea for lovers. You can also get a crown tattoo with your name, in case you think you have full control over your personality.

name tattoo with anchorhenry name tattoo designbest crown tatto designmariah name tattoo designcrown tattoos

8.Name tattoo with cloud

Cloud tattoo symbolizes mystery, illusion, dreams, emotions, culmination, etc. Some people make a combination of cloud tattoo with their own name or loved one names. It is indeed a good idea to try.

cloud sun and name tattoos

cloud tattoos

cloud tattoo ideacloud and name tattoos


9.Name tattoo with cross

Sometimes, people seek protection for their loved one therefore they combine cross tattoo design with the name of their loved one. Some people get name next to cross while other likes to write name in the form of cross.

cross tattos design

cross and name tattooscross name tattoo design men

10.Name tattoo with flowers

Incase you don’t want to combine name tattoo design with rose then you can make a combo of other flower. The common flowers are tulip, jasmine, lavender, lily and many other. You would have many different options in this regard.

flower and name tatto on foot

You have finally some great name tattoos ideas. You should always pick the best design for yourself. The best design is one that clearly shows what you really want to say with the ink. Do you want to drop ink with your baby name? Check cool design ideas of baby name tattoos.

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