10 Cool Pirate Theme Boys Room Ideas

If your teen boy is a big fan of Captain Jack Sparrow, a character of world famous Film series Pirates of Caribbean then certainly you need to consider pirate theme boys room ideas. Your boy isn’t alone the big fan of Johnny Depp or Captain Jack Sparrow. Reality is that he has millions and trillions of fan all over the globe. This film series started on 2003 and still continues. Actually, story, theme and background of this movie is quite inspiring for every little guy. He wants to become Jack Sparrow who is a talented and clever pirate. He is a motivational character for both teenagers and adult. Even girls are big fan of this character. This movie character is quite famous and kids like to decorate their room with pirate theme. In the beginning, parents had to make a custom order for pirate ship bed. At present, this situation has completely changed. Now they are able to turn their little boy room into pirate theme room within a day since they are able to buy pirate bed, chair, table and other room accessories both online and at brick-and-mortar stores. In case your little guy get inspiration from this movie then you need to consider 1o cool boy room decorating ideas with pirate theme.

pirate theme boys room ideas

1. Wooden Pirate Theme Boys Room Ideas

It is indeed the close match Pirates of Caribbean theme that you can set in your little boy’s bedroom. The main and important thing in this decor is wooden ship style bed. You don’t need to explore the world for getting this specified bed since many furniture manufacturer already have this kind of beds. You can even buy such beds online. Another important part of setting is to get small wooden ship wheels for wall decor. You also need to buy some wall paintings that have ocean scenery.

wooden pirate ship room setting for boy

2. Light and Dark Blue Pirate Room

Want to get real Caribbean background? You need to pain the room of your boy with ocean blue color and then to decorate it with the rest of pirate theme accessories such as Pirate ship bed, matching theme bedding, pirate ship wheel handle for wall decor, lantern, pirate theme wall paintings, black flag of skull and crossbones, sails and many other things.

light and dark blue pirate theme for boy

3. Pirate Ship Bed Boys Room Ideas

Want to style room in an elegant and simple way for your  little boy? If yes, then you only need to buy pirate theme bed. Another thing that you need to do is to contact an artist who can make Pirates of Caribbean map on the wall. Use Pirate theme bedroom accessories for making your little boy bedroom different and unique.

wooden boy room theme

  4. Pirate Theme Wall Decor and Bed Setting

Get Pirate theme wall paper and set it on wall. After that you need to get sails style curtain and hang it at the upper and right side of your walls. Interestingly, you can get pirate theme bed not only in ship style but also in pirate ship wheel style. Good thing about ship wheel style bed is that it is similar to a usual single bed and offers good space to your kid.

boy room pirate theme wall decor and bed

 5. Pirate Wall Paintings and Decor for Boy Room

In order to try this specific pirate theme boy room idea, you first need to pick a Pirates of Caribbean wallpaper and next thing to do is to change the door of your boy’s room. It must matches to ship door. Apply wooden paint on door and pick wooden simple bed and pirate style sofa and tables. You are able also to get pirate ship model, another thing widely available in the local market.

pirate theme room for boys

6.Pirate Wall and Roof graphics for boys room

It is one of the perfect pirate theme boy room ideas. If you want to try this idea then you need to change every little thing of your boy’s room from bed to curtain to wall to roof. First of all, you need to get pirate theme style roof and wall setting. Next thing to buy is Pirate theme bed, desks, chair and tables. You also need to have white curtains in sails style for hanging behind your bed wall.

pirate theme wall decor and room setting for boys

7.Hanging Pirate Ship Theme Boys Room Ideas

You surely need to contact an interior designer for getting this specific pirate theme room decor idea for your boy. The space of your little boy’s room should be extra wide, if you need to work on this idea. Actually, you need to get a real-ship model that would be hanging in the bedroom of your kid. Your kid would be able to move up on the rope bridge, when he needs to do some special activities on board. He can easily come down the ship by climbing with the mean of rope. With the mean of this idea, you divide your kid’s bedroom into two main portions: one upper and second lower. Your little boy can do in sports and fun activities in the upper floating boat part while he can come down the bridge when he needs to take rest. Indeed an impressive idea to try for.

boy room pirates of caribbean themepirate room theme for boys

8. White Pirate Theme Boy Room Ideas

Don’t need usual wooden style pirate theme room for your boy? Certainly, you can opt for white pirate them. You can get white pirate ship bed online. Next thing to get is ship wheel mirror that is also available online and at brick-and-mortar stores. You need to buy pirate theme wall paintings, models,lamps and other bedroom accessories. Normally, a white pirate theme room also come along with pirate theme cupboard that has anchor painting on the door. Gather all such things and get the perfect Pirates of Caribbean room them for your little guy.

white pirate theme setting for boy room

9.Blue and Brown Pirate theme Boys Room Ideas

It is one of the cutest ideas for boy pirate room theme. Before you start work on this idea, you need to have ship wheel style Chantelle lighting, pirate theme bedding, wooden bed and cupboard.Spend some bucks on pirates wall-paper theme since without it your boy’s room pirate theme setting would be incomplete.

pirate theme room ideas for boys

10. Navy Blue and White Pirate theme room for boys

If you need clear cut pirate and sailing theme idea for your boy room then you need to pay attention to two colors: Navy Blue and white. These two colors are quite important when it comes to Pirate and sailing room setting. Instead of buying ordinary curtains, you must have sails style curtains. You can get them by making a custom order. Other things that you must have are ship model,anchor bed accessories, dark navy blue color sailing or pirate theme bedding. It’s better if you can get pirate theme rug for your little boy’s room.

blude pirate ship bed room




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