10 Latest Celebrity Braided Hairstyles That you Must Try

The girls who know how to make different kinds of braids always search for the best ways to wear these braids. No doubt, the best ideas for wearing different plaits or braids can easily be obtained through celebrity braided hairstyles. Today, I’m here to unlock 10 cool ideas of braid hairstyles right from renowned celebrities. Let’s check them out.

1.Kelly Osbourne Back-to-Front Braid

I think it is Kelly who gives us a new way of wearing braid. She has semi shaved crop hairstyle at one side and at another side she has back-to-front braid that ends with a big cute bun at the crown.

kelly osbourne plait hairstyles

2.Ashley Benson with Faux Undercut Braid

It is Ashely who makes it clear that faux undercut braid hairstyle is not only for the girls with long hair, in reality it can also be worn by girls with short hair. Ashely is making the real fashion statement with this punky and funky hairstyle.

ashley bseo plait and braid hair

3. Lily Allen’s Cornrow

Lily Allen secure her hair in cornrow braid hairstyle. She wear this hairstyle in her own way. The beautiful pattern of rows is indeed impressive.

plait hairstyle lily allen

4.Jennifer Lawrence with plait hairstyle

The girls with bob hairstyle would love this baby bun with plaits hairstyle of Jennifer Lawrence. Many girls think that it is hard to make plaits or braids in the bob but it is J-Law who makes the real difference. It is among the best celebrity braided hairstyles idea, no doubt.

jennifer lawrence braided hairstyles

5.Hayden Panettiere with Cute Halo Braid

If you want to look really cute like Hayden for spring and summer parties then you have to try pretty plaits and super sweet halo braid hairstyle. This hairstyle adds glam factor into your beauty.

halo braid hayden

6.Kimberley Walsh’s Plaited Quiff

I love this unique braid hairstyle of Kim. It looks hard but you can easily create it. If you want to copycat this braid hairstyle of celebrity then you first need to make the braid that stars from your hair and then end up. You have to leave a fringe section of loose hair at the front. Once you done with braid, you need to pull that fringe section back to meet with braid and then pin it into a sweet quaff. Give end look to this hairstyle by teasing pieces out.

kimberley walsh hairstyles 2014

7.Kourtney Kardashian with Layered Plait Bun

This hairstyle is simply fantastic. Kourtney got the sleek hair at front but when you look at her back hair then you get surprised. She has layered plait bun that look big and symmetric.

celebrity kardashian braid hair

8.Rita Ora’s side French Braid

Rita loves to changes her hairstyle. During 2013 BRIT Awards nomination announcement at The Savoy in London, Rita amazed us with side French braid hairstyle, that is one of the unique celebrity braided hairstyles.

braided hairstyle rita ora

9.Emily Blunt’s traditional French Plait

If you don’t want to look super modern then give a classic touch to your hairstyle just like Emiley’s plaited bun. You can easily recreate this hairstyle. First make the plaits on your both side and then combine the hair together at the nape of the neck. Now twist braid together and make a sleek ballerina bun. Hurrah! You are done.

emily blunt plait hairstyle

10.Amy Adams’s Braid and Chignon

Amy Adams looked really cute when she wore thick and full hairline braid and then pull its end back into a soft side chignon. She was looking beautiful.

amy adams braid hairstyles

Now you have 10 fabulous celebrity braided hairstyles ideas, it would be simple for you to try them on special events.

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