10 Fantastic Living Room Paint color ideas

Task of selecting living room paint color is not as simple as you think. You need to be very careful when picking a color for this room. This is a room where you spend the most time, so it should be quite soothing. At the same time, this is a room where you always attend your guests. Therefore, it should also leave a lasting impression. You don’t need to choose ordinary color scheme for this room. Today, I will make it easy for you to choose best color for this room as I’m going to unlock 10 really amazing paint color ideas with you.

1.Bright Green Color

Go bold is a strategy that many people apply to their  room. Don’t make it very simple. Try bold green color scheme but always apply it in a smart way.

living room green paint colors
Lime green paint color ideas

2.Fresh Yellow 

If you like to go with something extra-ordinary then definitely you would like to try fresh yellow paint color for your living room. This color gives room spring effect, that you always like.

paint of living room ideas
dark yellow living room for paint

3.Turquoise Color Scheme

Another unique paint color to try for your living room is turquoise. Good thing about this theme is that it is very soothing.It is one of the beautiful paint color ideas.

paint color living room
Turquoise living room paint color

4.Dark Orange Paint

Need a really chic look to your room? I think it would be possible with the mean of orange paint color. As wall color is bright then you need to choose light shades of sofa and other things. Don’t overdo orange anywhere.

paint color ideas
Orange living room paint color ideas

5.Soft Blue Paint color

Your room would seem fantastic when you choose amazing color scheme. Try to spread soft blue as a background and place bright pink sofa set ; this color combination will be simply enticing.

paint color ideas living room
Ice Blue living room paint color ideas

6.Bright Teal Theme

It is among the fantastic living room paint color ideas. As this color is very bold therefore you need to balance it with some light color furniture, rugs, carpets and curtains.

teal paint living room
Bright Teal Paint of Living room

7.Purple Paint color

This kind of paint color is perfect for a girl apartment. Purple is no doubt a fantastic color. However, you need to pick soft shade of purple since very bold color would increase darkness in the room.

living room paint colors
Purple paint for living room

8.Soft Yellow Shade

In case you don’t want to try very bold yellow paint color, it is good for you to go with soft yellow. This color scheme is quite simple to implement. Don’t forget to decorate your living room with colorful artificial flowers.

paint color for living room
Soft Blue Living room paint color ideas

9.Lime Green 

It is another good color scheme that you would love to try. This color make your room fresh and eye-catching.Good thing is that when you choose this paint color for walls, you don’t have to put a lot of effort on decoration.

green paint for living room
Soft Green paint color ideas

10.Ocean theme

It is good to try soft ocean theme in your living room. Once you have bold color in the background, you need to keep other things simple. Choose bright white color for other walls decoration, sofa set, curtains, etc.

living room ocean theme
Ocean theme for living room

Always remember that you can make your room simply fantastic when you use right color schemes in it. After browsing the living room paint color ideas,you would surely know about power of color in a room.


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