10 Different Eyeliner Styles for Blue Eyes

The blue eyed girls always want to make their eyes prominent, so they often search for the ways with which they can accomplish their goals. The best way to draw out the beauty of blue eyes to try different eyeliner styles instead of standard black sleek line. Usually, girls line their eyes with black eyeliner but sometimes you should change your choice just to grab a unique appearance. Today, I’m here to provide 10 different ideas of eyeliner styles for blue eyes. Let’s dig into these ideas.

black eyeliner for blue eyes

1.Try Cat Eyeliner

No doubt, this specific style of eyeliner amplifies the grace of your eyes. It’s not really hard to apply a cat eyeliner, if you know how to apply an eyeliner then you can learn the application of cat style eyeliner in a matter of seconds. Usually, it is suggested to make cat eyes with black eyeliner since black is bold and gives more depth to your eyes.

cat eyeliner for blue eyes

2.Think about Glittery Jade Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

In case you don’t want to deviate enough from your standard black eyeliner then another alternative to a deep and dark color comes in the form of jade, this shade of green has a little black in it. Therefore, it certainly offers the same appeal as black eyeliner does. However, if you want to make your eyes pop then you should opt for glittery jade eyeliner.

sparkling jade on blue eyes

3.Shimmery Grey Black Eyeliner

It is one of the best eyeliner styles for blue eyes. Since the girls love to line their blue eyes with black color but they can make the real difference in their appearance, if they mix a little greyish shade into black liner. This little addition of grey shade will bring a big change in the look of your eyes.

grey black eyeliner for blue eyes

4. Give wings to your Eyes

Yes, I’m talking about winged style eyeliner. Interestingly, there are many different styles of winged eyeliner. However, two commons are simple winged and inner eye winged style. In simple winged eyeliner, you need to make a big wing in the outer corner of your eyes. This wing boosts up the beauty of your eyes to a great extent. In inner winged eyeliner, you have to apply thick coat of eyeliner in the eyelid and then to make a sleek thin wing in the inner corner of your eyes.

winged eyeliner for blue eyeswinged eyeliner for blue eyes

5. Liquid Eyeliner for Casual Look

Normally, girls try matte black eyeliner since it doesn’t make the big difference in the appearance. However, you can change matte eyeliner with liquid black eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner or water-proof eyeliner has gloss in it and it is easy to remove. So, you can apply a coat of it just to grab a little casual eye look.

black liquid eyeliner for eyesblack liquid eyeliner for blue eyes

6. Cooper Eyeliner Compliments Blue eyes

Cooper shade is in the opposite site of blue in the color wheel, so this soft and light colors adds utmost beauty to blue eyed girls. There are different tones of cooper, you should try to pick the light one as an eyeliner. Matte cooper eyeliner looks good but you can get the best appearance with a little glittery cooper eyeliner.

cooper eyeliner for blye eyesgold eyeliner for blue eyes

7. Mauve Eyeliner Defines Blue

It is among the most attractive eyeliner styles for blue eyes. You are free to apply mauve either in winged or cat style. Making a big wing of mauve shade will surely amplifies the grace of your eyes. Although you can try glittery blue eyeliner but fact is that matte eyeliner always seems perfect.

mauve eyeliner for blue eyes

8. Put Blue on Blue

It is a great idea that you can try, if you have light blue eyes. Try dark blue glittery or shimmery eyeliner on your blue eyes. This eyeliner will completely blend with your colored eyes and thereby offer you the most promising look.

sapphire blue eyelinercat eyeliner for blue eyes

9. Spread Gold on Blue Eyes

Gold is another color made for blue eyed girls. This color brings out the beauty of blue eyes. You need to try shimmery gold eyeliner, though matte is also a good choice. Gold is one of the perfect eyeliner styles for blue eyes.

cooper eyeliner for blue eyesgold eyeliner for blue eyes

10. Stand out from Crown via Green Eyeliner

I know many girls don’t think about green shade, if they have blue eyes; but trust me you can easily grab attention toward your eyes when you line them smoothly with light green shade. Another good idea is to apply double shade green eyeliner. Apply light green in the inner side and dark green in the outer side of your blue eyes.

double shade green for blue eyesgreen eyeliner for blue eyes

I’m sure that you would be able to try a new style every day after checking these fabulous ideas of different eyeliner styles for blue eyes.

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