10 Cool Diamond Tattoo designs with Meanings

Men and women always like to dig into meanings of diamond tattoo designs before they get them. It is indeed a right way to get some body ink. Dropping ink on your body without knowing design meanings is not a good decision to take. Your body is  canvas that must have a meaningful design.Always use this canvas to express something related to you. Never go for meaningless designs. Today, I’m here to unlock 10 cool designs and their meanings.

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1.Diamond and Roses Idea

People who love this precious definitely likes beautiful things. Normally, when you take its tattoo design with roses then it simply expresses your love for beauty. In addition, this design might mean your love for your some one very special and precious in your life i.e. “partner or lover”.

rose with diamond tattoo meanings

2.Get Crown designs

Perfect demonstration of royalty, luxury and wealth can be done via diamond with crown tattoos. In ancient times, a law in France decreed that this stone could only be worn by kings and no one else had a right to wear it. Now there is no such law but still real diamond can only be afford by rich people. People who feel great interest in precious stone and its beauty and consider it royalty symbol usually opt for such design ideas.

diamond with crown tattoos crown and diamond tattoo designs

3.Stone with Wings 

For many of us, freedom is the biggest wealth. So, when you want to express this thing then you need to make a combination of diamond and wings. It is good to good to know that diamond and wings are completely opposite element. Former is a bondage toward material wealth while latter makes it possible for us to let go all material bondage.

diamond and wings tattoos diamond with wings tattoos

4.Red Diamond

Meanings of diamond tattoos also largely dependent on colors. Red diamond symbolizes prosperity, glamor and wealth. No doubt, this color looks very fascinating. The place where you get red ink with precious stone design would easily grab attention of all.

red diamond tattoos

5.Write Some Quotes

You can give your own favorite meanings to this design with quotes or words. There are many quotes associated with diamonds. You can make your own unique design by making a combination of this precious stone tat with your favorite phrase, words or quotes.

diamond with quote tattoos diamond tattoo designs diamond tattoos with date

6.Diamond on Vine Design

People who need fascinating design idea might like to get a beautiful vine that end with beautiful diamonds instead of flowers. This design symbolizes growth. No doubt, this design looks very eye catching. It not only shows that you are ready to multiply your wealth but also demonstrate demonstrates that you would do this with grace. In addition, this design also makes it clear that your key of grown lies within you and you don’t like to depend on others; you would hit your target own your own.

diamond on vine tattoos vine and diamonds diamond and flower tattoo meanings

7.Diamond Ring Idea

People like to demonstrate their everlasting love with ring tattoo designs. This design means invincibility, strength, endurance, and something that cannot be destructed. You may like to know  word itself derived from the Greek word “Adamas” meaning indestructible.

diamond rings tattoos diamond ring tattoo designs

8.Black Diamond 

There are some people who don’t like to go for simple design idea . They a love t choose rare black precious stone tat just to show that they are one of their kind and very special.If a person has pride in his own personality then he should take black diamond tattoo. Other meanings of this designs are rebelliousness and boldness.

colorful diamonds black diamonds

9. A Radiant or Sparkling design

One of the popular designs is a radiant diamond. People love to get white color stone design that radiates lights and sparkles in the best way. According to legend and folklore, diamonds were considered to enriched with great power to ward off evil. In such way, radiant white diamond means power and protection. If you need protective shield for you then you consider getting this kind of diamond tattoo design.

diamond tattoo designs arm diamond tattoo outline doamond tattoo girls

10. Flying Bird ideas

Another cool design is to get diamond with one or more birds. The meanings of this design is similar to wings i.e. Freedom. We all need freedom in our lives and we can express beauty and wealth of freedom with tattoo. Normally, a diamond is accompanies with hummingbird tattoo designs.

diamond tattoo meanings two birds flowers and diamonds tattoos

Common meanings of Diamond

You may like to know popular symbolic meanings of this precious stones. Check them below:

  • Invincible
  • Strength
  • Purity
  • Durable
  • Love
  • Everlasting
  • Forever
  • Faithfulness
  • Power
  • Beauty
  • Glamorous
  • Luxurious
  • Wealth
  • Integrity

pink diamond tattoos pink diamond on neck designs vibrant diamonds

I’m sure  you will find it easy to pick the best design for yourself after knowing meanings of these 10 cool diamond tattoo designs with their meanings.

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