10 Celebrity Bangs Hairstyles,Best Inspiration for Your next Haircut

Girls normally hesitate to get bangs because it is quite hard to maintain this haircut and some times this move turned to be a very drastic beauty move (if something goes wrong accidently). It is good to get inspiration from celebrity bangs hairstyles before picking any particular bang haircut for yourself. If you need an instant change in your look and appearance then it would simply be possible with bangs. What makes bangs a perfect choice is that it looks great with any hair length such as short, long, pixie, medium or shoulder length. Some girls need bangs for grabbing blunt look while other need it to add cuteness factor into their personality. When you visit a hair salon, you surely need to give an example of bang hairstyle. Therefore, I’m here with the finest collection of 10 best celebrity bangs hairstyles that range from side swept to a little layered to very bold and blunt. So, let’s dig into these hairstyles
1.Hailee Steinfeld
Sometimes, a full fringe seems to be the perfect way to deal with long hair. Hailee likes to compliment her bang with updo on some special events.

hailee bang hairstyles
2.Bella Thorne
Bella has cute full bangs that cover her forehead in a chic way. She loves to add glam into her personality by combing updo and bangs.

Bella Thorne bang hairstyle
3.Zooey Deschanel
If you need a very stylish kind of bangs then you have to look at Zooey’s layered bangs. She knows how to catch attention toward her layers bangs by combining it with party curls. When it comes to best celebrity bang hairstyles then girls like to nominate Zooey first because she is simply the Queen of bangs.

zooey daschanel bang hairstyles
4.Kerry Washington
There is no need to cover forehead with bangs all the time. You can side swept them sometimes, just to grab an eye-catching feminine look.

kerry washington bang hairstyles
5.Alexa Chung
Do you need a very chic hairstyle? If yes then you have to look at Alexa’s parted bangs. She combines bangs sometimes with updo or another time with the sleek ponytail.

alexa chung bang hairstyle
6.Taylor Swift
Do you have a bob hairstyle? You can add glam into it with a loose finger wave fashion bang. This is among the best celebrity bangs hairstyles. She has glamorous textured bob haircut that look wonderful with a new style fringe.

taylor swift bangs
7.Karlie Kloss
Another way to look stunning is to pair long side swept fringe with sleek bob haircut. Good thing is that fringe compliments almost every kind of bob such as graduated bob, textured bob, small bob or lob,etc.

karlie kloss hairstyles
8.Rooney Mara
The brand new kind of bang comes from Rooney Mara. She appeared with her glamorous faux bangs at the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival .

rooney mara celebrity bang hairstyle
9.Jennifer Garner
Glossy bangs look simply fantastic with loose or formal curls and this idea of fringe comes from Jennifer Garner.

jennifer garner bang hairstyles
10.Katy Perry
If you have checked the highlights of Milan Fashion Week 2014 then you might get a chance to look at blunt bangs of Katy Perry. It is one of the best celebrity bangs hairstyles, no dount. She pair this fringe with very straight hair.

katy perry bangs hairstyles

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