10 Bold Hairstyles for Summer 2014

The summer season has approached now and soon there will be heat in the air besides the scent of fresh flowers and fresh herbs. Life will become more active as we have literally hibernated enough in the winter, women will take more interest in wearing short dresses, boho maxi and above all bodycon dresses. A big question on every face would be, what kind of hairstyle should be donned with the summer dresses 2014? There are so many ideas as for the hairstyles for summer 2014, but let’s check out the top ten styles which are bold and sassy.
Fluffy Hairstyle 2014

How about going out with a fluffy, messy style that adds an ‘x-factor’ to your flawless face and beauty.

fluffy hairstyle 2014

Floral Hairstyle 2014
Long center-parted wavy curls hairstyles for Summer 2014

This one will definitely make you stand out in the crowd, you are born to be noticed and this is more likely to happen when you know how to don a style that others will cherish.

wavy curls for summer 2014
Floral Hairstyle 2014
This one is basically a variation of rolled hair, if you look closely you will find that it has a blend of nature and beauty.

floral updo 2014
Sunlight Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Going out with peach burgundy waves is just fun when the sun rays are spreading heat at their zenith out there.Brings some stunning waves in your hair after center parting them.

day hairstyle 2014
Dream Fringes 2014
You have got a fair complexion, though you are not in media like Jessica Biel has been for her fringes, but there is a chance of you getting popular with dream fringes.It is among the best summer hairstyles 2014.

fringes 2014
Queen Fantasy Curls 2014
You might be wondering as why I chose this hairstyle as a summer hairstyle; this long, curly variation of hairstyle is good for summer parties. If you are to attend a beach party this year, would there be another great option that these queen curls?Would you like to try these hairstyles for summer 2014.fantasy copper red curls 2014

curly waves 2014

wavy hairstyle 2014
Tied Up Hairstyle 2014
You might want to tie your hair to protect yourself from the effect of heat, how about getting glamorous with the each styling move?

updo hairstyles 2014
Sleek Twisted pinned braid Hairstyle 2014
There is nothing wrong in getting bolder and smarter, try wearing an undercut to be called ‘lady of league’.

pinned up twisted hairstyle 2014

Iconic Bob hairstyle 2014
Forget about all the old style bob, we have got something that can make you a fashion bomb. Rolled back bob with fringes would do it.This style is simply amazing.

iconic bob cut 2014
Shaggy Bob cut 2014
You are special if you can sport short shaggy looks without look in summer 2014.This seems super crazy but worth trying at the same time.

shaggy bob cut 2014

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