10 Best Blusher Makeup Tips for glowing Cheeks

Blusher is an important part of every girl makeup. Some girls are able to apply flawless blusher while others find it hard to decide the right shade of blusher. Today, I decided to help every girl with 10 superb blusher makeup tips . These tips lets you apply the blusher just like an expert makeup artist and then to grab a glowing look.

bluer makeup tips

Blush Tip No.1 Choose Right blusher Color for Your Complexion

The main purpose of blusher application is to recreate your inner glow. Whenever you are going to choose blusher colors, you have to focus on your own skin tone. Girls with :

  • Dark complexion should pick a plum tone
  • Blue undertone always select plums
  • Pink undertones reach for peachy blusher
  • Olive-y undertone look great with a bronze-peach blush. They never pick pink for them.

choose blush with skin tone

Tip No.2 Opt for Universal Blush Shade

If you feel it hard to decide the color of blusher depending on your own complexion then you should go for a universal shade that is peachy-pink. This particular shade recreate natural glow of every tone cheeks.

peachy-pink blusher

Blush Tip No.3 Pick the Right Texture of Blusher

The girls who need a classic touch to their makeup should opt for powder blusher. However, when they want to make a fashion statement then they opt for creamy or waxy blush.

choose right blush texture

Blush Tip No.4 Apply Cream Blusher Carefully

Many times, it happens that when you apply cream blusher on your face then makeup, especially foundation, underneath it moves from its original place. It create a patch on your face. In order to avoid this patchy look, you should first check the temperature of cream blusher. If it is warm then you can blend it easily on your face and it won’t damage foundation base. When its temperature is not warm enough then you have to do a trick. Put creamy blusher first on your hand, so it melts and gets the same temperature as your skin has and then apply it on your cheeks. It is certainly one of the best blusher makeup tips that you should always keep in mind while applying wavy blush.

how to apply cream blush

Blush Tip No.5 Know about the right area for blush application

It is vital for every girl to know the right area to put on blusher. Well, the area of blusher starts from the apple of cheeks and end to temples. The application of blusher should be graduated, it must began with cheeks and ends up to temples.

apply blush on face

Blush Tip No. 6 Find Apple of Cheek

We all know that blusher should be applied on the apple of cheek but many girls don’t know where this place is. Well, it is not hard to find it. What you need to do is to smile J and the plumpest area of your cheek is apple of cheek. Pick your blusher brush and start applying shade over it. You should always follow the face contours.

how to find apple of cheeks

Blush Tip No.7 Get Natural Blush Look

For healthy-looking and natural cheeks, you should apply blusher not only on your cheeks but also on some other regions such as on either side of your hairline, chin and under eyebrows. It is among the expert blusher makeup tips that is normally followed by celebrity makeup artists.

natural blusher

Blush Tip No.8 Blusher Application Tips for Round Face

The girls who have round face think that they don’t need to use blusher while it is wrong. They should wear blusher but they must apply it with more angles. There is no need to go for round blusher for round face. Always apply blusher up and out. It looks very odd, if you make a strip only on cheekbones. You need to apply blusher on other area of cheeks as well. It is one of the most demanding blusher makeup tips.

blusher makeup for round face

Blush Tip No.9 Change Shade with Season

You should be trendy all the time. It is good to change blusher shade with the season.

  • Pink Shade for Spring/Summer
  • Berry and Apricot for autumn
  • Raspberry pink for winter, just to match with dark plum hot lips.

blush for all seasons

Blush Tip No.10 Avoid Patchy Blusher

You need to apply blusher very smoothly and evenly on cheekbones and apple. When you skin is not smooth then you normally get patchy blusher look. If you don’t need patches on cheeks then it is good to first use exfoliator, moisturizer and primer on skin before you start your makeup.

patchy blusher avoid

When you follow these 10 cool blusher makeup tips then you would be able to get perfect glowing


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